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I've come a long way!!

The Universe (God) gave us everything we need, 

Pain that which leads to

Power that which creates

Passion that which leads to discovering your

​​Purpose ; the reason you were born

About Kelley

I'm here to help you discover it.

* At 8 years old, I was forced to perform oral sex on my sister, (R.I.P) & later introduced to alcohol

* At 9, I was coerced into performing sexual acts with boys & girls

* At 10, I watched my father shoot a .45 Caliber at my 15 year old brother (R.I.P)

* At 10 and until 12, I initiated sexual acts with girls

* At 13, my mom left, I was introduced to cocaine and was sexually molested

* At 14, I was blamed, attempted suicide, was evicted and forced to live with the child molester

​​* At 15 & until 17, I was confined to a room while drugged & raped daily

* At 18, I reconnected with my mother and graduated high school

* At 19, I started drinking and dated a married man

* At 20, I started my career in the Healthcare industry

* At 22, I was depressed, contemplated suicide and spent a week in a Tinley Park Mental Institution

* At 23 and until 24, I sold crack cocaine* At 24, I became a stripper

* By 27, my male sexual partner count was over 100

* At 28, I graduated from a Malcolm X. Junior College with an A.A.S

* At 29, I dated an abusive man, was arrested for destruction of property and slept with countless women​

* At 30, I had my first and only son.* At 32, I lost my ability to walk, and was in a wheelchair

* At 33, I attempted suicide again and spent time in Ingalls Behavioral Health Center

* At 35, I became the first in my family to graduate with a B.S

* At 37, I dated a physically abusive man and began speaking out about abuse

* At 38, I wrote my 1st book, Perfectly Planned (Overcoming incest, rape & sexual abuse)and started helping women heal (one on one)

* At 40, I wrote my 2nd book, Overcoming Toxic Relationships (Creating Power From Painful Relationships)

* At 41, I wrote my 3rd book Perfectly Planned Workbook, a Guide to Best Practices in Overcoming Child Abuse

* At 43, I resigned from twenty-three years of working in the Healthcare Industry, received my Certification for Life Coach and started my own business

* At 44, I released my 4th book, Mental MakeOver (Creating a Positive Mindset)

* Presently and at 45, I just released my 5th bookIt’s All About Life, (A Book of Poems)that are real life short stories*  

* Currently finishing my 6th Book, "I Fell in Love With the Dick "Cus I Thought Dick Was It" 

* And 7th book, "White Supremacy: The Virus that Infected Black People & America  

​* Currently a student at Walden University for my Masters of Social Work

Today, I am phenomenally grateful as life was created for me. I am a woman who knows and understands that my experiences were purely lessons meant to bring me closer to the Universe (God) self-knowledge and unconditional self-love. As a Life, Healing & Transformation Coach, I can help you reach any goal you choose and release any amount of pain. Everything I learned was through PAIN, that created POWER, PASSION and PURPOSE!!!​

How Much Do You Know About Your Inner Child

Check this out!!!

Your Inner Child  Will Ruin Your Relationships

Imagine dealing with a child, it's like trying to manage a stray bullet, it will not be easy. When you spend time with your child, you witness this with their ability to express themselves and tell you exactly what they want, and if your feelings are hurt, they have no idea. Looking back when my son was three years old, I recall being in Walmart, and he wanted more toys. I refused to purchase what he wanted and my goodness, that kid was on the floor kicking and screaming. Had I gave in to him, he would have used that tantrum-like behavior for many years to come. I recall when my son was four years old and we were in Walgreen. We walked pass the "Ped Egg" (used for removing feet callouses), and out of nowhere, my son said, "Ma you need to get that for your foot." Wow, was I embarrassed. (lol) For the most part, children are free, creative, spontaneous and impulsive while lacking the ability to think first as they act and react. 

Adult Behavior versus Child-like Behavior
1. Blaming- Children blame others when things go wrong. Children don't even understand what accountability means. Adults are accountable as they look to fix the problem, so it doesn't happen again. Adults know that in every situation, both parties have to look at self. Think of a time when you blamed someone knowing you were responsible.  What if you took accountability? What would you have learned? 

2. Reactive- Children are reactive as they respond to a situation rather than controlling it to create a better outcome. Children don't have the cognitive ability to think about consequences. Adults are proactive and work to create an outcome that works for both parties. How does this look? Think of a time when you reacted to a situation or stimulus and the outcome was worse than the situation. If you had thought first, what would you have done differently? 

3. Hasn't Accessed Higher Self- Children that lack maturity does not understand the higher self or realize when they have stepped out of line or disrespected their values or beliefs. Hence, the reason they blame others as they are incapable of "seeing" their ways of error. Children do not understand their "higher" self. Adults or mature adults recognize when their behaviors are out of line, will revisit the situation, apologize where necessary and be accountable. Grown-ups understand that the Ego or "little self" is reactive and destructive. 

4. Impulsive- Children strike out when they feel hurt or mad. They speak carelessly and behave irrationally without thinking about the potential consequence. Adults pause and resist the temptation to spit venom on others. They work through the issue while seeking a beneficial outcome. Think of a time when you felt hurt or mad and impulsively reacted without thinking about the consequences. Did you ...
Read this article

​​​​​I'm Kelley Porter-Turner, Master Force Certified Life Coach, Chief spiritual Healer, Transformation and

Mental coach, 5x Author and Empowerment Speaker, wife and mother to three sons from Illinois.

I began my journey of transformation over 20 years ago when I learned I was sexually molested as I had 

no knowledge of what that term meant. This road was not a very easy one as it was filled with pain,

depression, confusion, lack of esteem, absence of self-love, compulsive behaviors and attempted suicide.

This was a long and what turned out be a very fascinating journey of healing and transformation. If you

have ever experienced any pain, and that includes physical, emotional, spiritual and mental, then you know

how difficult it can be to face it, learn from it and then move forward. 

​I did just that. Here at Divine International Healing & Leadership Center, I serve people who are sick and

tired of being sick and tired; those who seek healing and understanding of who they are and the purpose

of their pain; those who seek their life's purpose, relationship coaching, forgiveness therapy, emotional

intelligence, and overall mind, body, and soul transformation. 

I'm not perfect as I am always a student, but, I can help you heal and balance your life. Whether you are

a professional, a manager, a parent, or simply interested in learning more about yourself, my programs

will strengthen your self and spiritual awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence and mental stability.

I believe everything happens FOR us and not TO us. 

I have... 

* Over twenty years in the healthcare industry as a Medical Technologist (testing body fluids for dis-ease) so I know how dis-ease is produced.

* Over twenty years of research and studies on abuse, domestic violence, healing and forgiveness.  

* Certification: Transformation, Life Coach (Master Force International Leadership Academy

* Two years of research and studies on Metaphysics, spirituality and Soul work 

* Five published books on abuse, forgiveness, the mindset, healing and relationships (Completing my 6th and 7th)

* Over thirty years of experience in pain, forgiveness and healing

​* Over fifteen programs proven to transform lives
* Masters of Social Work Candidate

*A heart full of love and compassion for my community (you ... my loves)  

Gratitude. Belief. Health. Wealth. Success. Abundance. Love.