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Pre Order - Detox or DIE(t)

Detox or DIEt:
Take a look inside at what it means to live with Parasites (Candida or yeast and worms) for over thirty-five years. For more than three decades, I was a human host for hundreds, maybe thousands of worms, and an overgrowth of yeast. The longest one I released was almost two and a half feet long. Doctors tell us dis-ease is hereditary, change your DIEt, you’re aging, and that somehow disease just arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown.  ....READ MORE CLICK LINK

Kelley Porter

Who Is Coach Kelley?

A successful leader and expert on overcoming all forms of abuse, avoiding toxic relationships and the art of forgiveness, Kelley Porter is a Certified Transformation, and Personal Development Coach, Award Winning 5 Time Author, and Professional Speaker.
  • Create Your Best Self

  • Live an Authentic Life

  • Create Power from Pain

  • Create Better Relationships

  • Discover Your Life Purpose

  • Develop Talents and Potential

  • Improve Awareness and Identity

  • Achieve Happiness Within Months

  • Discover the Root of Your Challenges

  • Improve Emotional, Mental and Physical Health


Check out some of my transformational services. 
Relationship Coaching

Empowers people to create their best self and bring those two people together to create a new relationship that elevates both parties and the Universe.


Enable clients to access the God within them and stop relying on external sources to save them and create joy and happiness for them.

Abuse Recovery Coaching

Empower clients to accept what has happened, understand how the abuse affected them and transform that pain into power.

Forgiveness Therapy

Provides clients with the tools to release the victim mindset, as well as anger, pain and resentment.

Health & Wellness

Empowers clients to eat to live and not die as well as remove all things that no longer serve them a purpose.

Daily Programs

Coach Kelley empowers you to eliminate obstacles, gain clarity, set goals and holds you accountable.

Coach Kelley's Blog

Check out some my blog for tips on how to transform your life.

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