In the present day it is my honor to share my life’s experiences with you, and I hope if you have been a victim or know someone that has been a victim of abuse today you will take the path of becoming a Victorious Leader. Today you will take that journey of freeing yourself, and forgiving your abusers. This is what I want for you. I believe it is my duty to use my life and help victims understand that the embarrassment, and shame does not belong to you. The depression, and non-constructive coping mechanisms are not the answer. The insecurities, and self-hate can be turned into confidence and self-love. I believe in you, and I want you to believe in you. I believe that you will one day look back and say that was the past but this is my present. I believe that your heart will one day be a forgiving heart. I believe if I did not share with the world what God has brought me through, I would be selfish. There is no way I could survive three decades of unimaginable things and not pay it forward. That is my heart and it is healed and now it’s time to heal others with my story.


Transforming Lives Worldwide