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My son sat during the Pledge of Allegiance and his teacher tried to pull him out of his seat.

  • Steve Colton
Shemar Cooper

On Friday (8/26) my son (Shemar Cooper- 15) decided to sit down during the Pledge of Allegiance and as his teacher (Ms. Alfano) requested him to stand, he said "America Suck." I went to the school and made my son apologize as I clearly explained to Ms. Alfano that Shemar has a right to sit still and be quiet. Ms. Alfano clearly stated that there would be no more problems and Shemar was welcome to sit quietly.

On Tuesday, (8/30) Ms. Alfano tried to pull my son out of his chair as he chose to sit still during the Pledge of Allegiance. She also threatened to write him up and/or kick him out of the class. I spoke to the Principle, Ms. Majoch, (not knowing that Ms. Alfano tried to pull Shemar out of his seat) and shared my concern about the threats and harassment after Ms. Alfano and I talked on Friday. I suggested to Ms. Majoch that Ms. Alfano apologizes to my son. The next day, I learned Ms. Alfano put her hands on my son and on Thursday, (9/1) Ms. Alfano and Dean Lopez had my son in the office again reprimanding him, yet the meeting was requested by the principal for Ms. Alfano to apologize to Shemar. I went up to the school Thursday (9/1) and had a meeting with the Asst. The principle, the head of Security, and Dean Lopez and expressed my concerns. I called the police and nothing was done. I was told by Blue Island Police Department that I had to wait until the officer who works within the school was present. I was also told the school is “protected.”

Since 8/26, Ms. Alfano has harassed my son in the class by making statements like; “don’t be disrespectful, stand up and be respectful.” She refuses to respect our beliefs and instead attempted to force my son to stand up and pledge something he does not believe in.

I made several complaints to the Superintendent since July and was ignored. Finally, on Thursday, Sept. 2nd he decided to call me. At that point, I was fed up and involved the American Humanist Association as well as National News. See links to the left. 

Eisenhower Attorney's got involved after receiving a letter from the American Humanist Association and after the investigation, it was founded that Ms. Alfano's behavior was a direct violation to my son, Shemar Cooper's First Amendment Right. Ms. Alfano was suspended, District 218 administration and teachers will be retrained and will have yearly training regarding the rights of their students. I am happy with the results.

In essence, we have to advocate for our children and make sure the educational system and all other systems treat our children fairly. Shemar Cooper is and always will be a leader as he has made National news with his ability to sit during the Pledge and stand for what he believes in. I am deeply proud of my son and the man he is becoming.
Shemar came home from school on Thursday (9/8) and was pretty distracted. He shared with me these exact words.

"While I was walking to my bus, my friend Tyrone called my name and told me that Ms. Alfano asked the class who was on her side. After that my Freshman friend came up to us and said Ms. Alfano made us do a writing assignment on who's side they are on and the Freshman friend said, "Thanks because it was for a grade just to do it......

I emailed the Principal, Ass. Principal and the Superintendent. I immediately received a response from the Superintendent stating...

Ms. Porter Turner –

I can assure you that the building will look into this immediately tomorrow. We would all like to move forward from this situation and get back to teaching and learning. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 

Ty Harting

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