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Did you know that you are full of greatness, love, joy, hope, happiness, and abundance? If you did not know, I will tell you how I KNOW you are filled with beauty and greatness. The Universe (God) gave us everything we need. Unfortunately, via life's experiences, pain, trials and tribulations, we forget that we are love, abundance and greatness. The reason for this is, we get stuck in our pain, the unhealthy energy and disappointments. We cry, become sad, angry and disappointed, and in that energy, we miss the lesson. It's impossible to see the beauty within darkness if we choose to live there. One must be willing to embrace the pain in order to feel and understand the light. It's okay to have your five minutes of self-pity, but it is not okay to stay in that space. What would life be without trial and tribulations; it would probably be perfect, but what would you learn from perfection? What if you never had any painful experiences? How would you learn? How would you recognize the greatness within? There is no light without dark? There is no joy without sorrow. There is no rainbow without the storm. 

I, you and we have greatness within. How many storms have you made it through? How many deaths have you experienced? How many heartaches have you felt? How much pain have you felt in your entire life and you are still standing?  Probably, more than you thought you can handle, correct? Me too. Well, the only way one can experience much pain is if, there is greatness to move through it. Think about it. You might very well feel pain from a decade ago, but you are still standing and that is the greatness within you. The only issue is, the greatness must outshine the pain or you will never reach your fullest potential. Pain is purpose that fuels your greatness as the only way you can reach the goals you desire, you must see the pain as power and not demise. Here is what I believe.

It's okay to cry, 

It's okay to be angry,
It's okay to feel pain,

It's okay to be jealous,

It's okay to feel ashamed,
It's okay to be embarrassed,
It's okay to think negative,
It's okay to feel worthless,

It is okay to get your feelings hurt. 
It is okay to lose those we love,

It's okay to also be great in that same space. 


It is NEVER okay to stay in that space that which will destroy you. So, why not, embrace your experiences and understand that nothing happens unless you allow it, create it or co-create it. When you embrace that concept, life simplifies and becomes easy to trust. What's more, instead of becoming angry, question all things. Question those things that have occured in your life. Ask your self why and don't allow anyone else to tell you why things have occured in your life. When you question, you find answers. How do I know? It is exactly what I have done since I was thirteen years old. I questioned everything, or what my teachers would say, "Question the Status Quo." I questioned everything from, why the sky was blue, what was the purpose of chopping the head off of a chicken, why my mother would leave me when I was thirteen, why do you need to hold your breath under water, why are peppers hot, why was I born into my family, why was my father abusive, why was I sexually molested, why do we need to clean up, what was the purpose of chemistry, and so on and so forth. Question all things and I promise within those questions, you will not only find the answers, but you will find truth and the your purpose in life.  

When  you choose to stay in a space that serves you no purpose and, yes it is a choice, you choose to ignore the greatness within. There is nothing you can do, or ever will do, that will make you less than the beautiful soul you are.  Think about what life would be like if we could just believe in ourselves and trust the process of life. Insecurities would disappear because we would be completely secure in who we are. Fear would disappear because we would know it is only false evidence appearing real. Anxiety would disappear as there would be no need to constantly try to prove ourselves to others. That’s what life was meant to be, exploring the greatness within YOU and embracing all experiences as the soil to elevate us to our authentic selves, greatness. 


Kelley Porter Turner

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Hurt People, Hurt People

An empowering love letter to you!

How many times have you been told to "Get Out Your Feelings?" more than likely, too many times. The problem with that is we are our emotions as we are Spiritual Beings. I understand that "feeling" can sometimes lead to pain and obviously no one wants to experience pain, however, healing requires feeling. The phrase get out of your feelings is truly an insult to who we are and if we are to ever reach our highest self and greatest potential, we must be authentic at all times. What does this mean? If someone hurts your feelings with words or an action, you have a right to express your feelings. Don't say "it's okay" or "It didn't phase me," when in reality it did. Be true to yourself and that is your emotions. 

So many people are afraid to express their emotions out of fear of being dismissed or perceived as less than or "bitch-like." Well, I rather be perceived as "dog-like," whine and express my feelings rather than bottle them up and throw up on everybody who comes my way. Your feelings are real and deserved to be respected, expressed and embraced. And, it does not matter if the other person wants to hear it. Write a letter and release those unhealthy feeling as you release yourself of future dis-ease and emotions crisis. 

Society and it's rules of "feeling" has created robotic-like humans. Millions are walking around in severe pain and afraid to express themselves and it really isn't fair to your person or your soul. We have to be "In our feelings" in order to create the life we desire, otherwise we are living a lie. Personally speaking, if I am hurt, afraid, angry or feeling any other emotion of the lower frequency, I am going to express them, otherwise I am nurturing them and that my dear, is hazardous to your emotion, mental, physical and spiritual being. Don't worry about what people think as their thoughts are none of your business. So today, I want you to focus on being your best self and starting with expressing your truest emotions about you. Go deep within and share exactly what and how you feel. Remember your feelings are important and real. Click and share and I will pour into your. 

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"I Want Me" from my latest Book of Poems, It's All About Life

Why am I saying you are awesome? It's because I know that if you are on this page and ready to contact me, it means you are not settling for less than the best with your life.

I'm happy about that and I'm really looking forward to hearing from you! I prefer to speak with you over the phone, but if you are more comfortable e-mailing, then there is a form below that is easy to complete.

I'm sure you have all heard the saying, "hurt people, hurt people." In fact, you have probably experienced pain from someone who was hurting as you have probably projected your pain onto others. We are all guilty of it and so am I. There's a reason behind this energy and that is the energy of suffering. Have you ever met someone who wreaked havoc on you for absolutely no reason? I have and although we attract that which is in us, there is still no reason for people to cause pain to others, other than the fact that they are hurting and showing up to teach you a lesson about you. Here is what that looks like.

If you are suffering from past pain, like losing a parent or a job, abuse, domestic violence etc and has had no intervention, here are the emotions left within your mind: Fear, anger, abandonment issues, attachment issues, defensive, emotionally withdrawn, insecurities, worthlessness and more. Those emotions or energy in motion are unhealthy and when we initiate new relationships, what we give is what we have. If you are harboring the unhealthy energy as listed above, all you have to give is unhealthy energy. On occasion, a person who is suffering will express love, kindness, compassion and understanding as we are all comprised of ALL emotions, however, if the unhealthy energy is dominant then that energy will express itself more. For instance, the cell melanin, melanin is a dominant gene as in black or brown people. When a black person procreates with a white person, you can immediately tell that the child has "black" in him or her. Yet, you can also see the genes of the white parent expressed. However, the child will no longer look white, but black or mixed. You can see the Black, but you're not sure about the nationality of the other parent, unless the blue or green eyes or straight hair is expressed; the black gene or melanin is dominant. Same thing with energy and emotions; if you have suffered for many years and without intervention, the unhealthy energy is dominant, but the healthy emotions will be expressed. 

My point of this blog is to ensure you that there are those who cause pain on purpose and there are those who cause pain out of fear. Either way, fears and suffering lies behind both. I will ask you kindly to have some compassion as they are suffering more than you, and especially if the person hurting you is willing to get help. If not, don't attempt to change them...
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"Get Out Your Feelings"

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