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I Need An Hour of Power

Are you a GOOD WOMAN or just a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN who confuses the two. I consider myself both, however, I wasn't always a GOOD WOMAN, but over the years I have learned. Many women think being a GOOD WOMAN, involves being domesticated (cooking, cleaning, etc), well not many men will agree and neither do I. Reason being is simply because, Men are domesticated as well and some are better at it than women are. Read this article...

The beauty that calls for him to trust you and share his deepest secrets. As he cries and lays his head upon your breast and wishes for you to nurture him as he longed for it for many years from his mother. His strong arms hold you gently and tightly as he just wants to feel your warmth and security. The security that was stolen from him as a little boy and now he's a man with the same fears and insecurities. You rub his head and assure his safety, the safety of his heart that was once discarded. Read this article

Confidence: Belief or trust in self, someone or something.
Esteem: Respect & admiration for self or someone
Write Down 10 Positive & 10 Negative Things About Self: The goal in this is to examine what it is about you that you would like to change. You cannot conquer what you refuse to face. Of course the positive things will make you feel good about you, but identifying the negative will help you feel even better as now you can focus on improving self.  
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Forgiveness is a need for the soul to survive as without it we live in darkness where anger, pain and rage accumulate, and annihilate our souls. We have to learn to forgive and let go of the wrong that was done unto us. It takes a strong spiritual connection to really forgive and become free. If you cannot accomplish this, it will be difficult to move forward. You may as well be locked in the situation that caused you to live in this dark hole. Read this article...


There are many women who will convincingly say they do not need a man for anything. Michael Baidsen says men need women for everything. Now, I'm sure he didn't mean everything as in literally, but, his point, men definitely need women.

I was guilty of saying, "I don't need a man," until I grew up. One of the most notorious comments from a woman's mouth is "I can just use a vibrator." Sex is... 
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To practice with ethics while promoting holistic healing and empowering clients to reach emotional freedom and intelligence, mental stability, develop confidence and clarity,  discover their infinite possibilities, as well as strengthen self and spiritual awareness. My mission is achieved via the use of over several coaching programs and online courses that which are spiritually based. Within each program there is homework to be completed – referred books, literature or videos – as well as follow up sessions to ensure clients do not revert back to old patterns and behaviors.