In the midst of healing Lichens Planus and Leaky Gut, I learned to give extra love and nurture to Kelley. Monday through Thursday I exercise and meditate. I read empowering books, and currently reading The Divided Mind. I do a detox bath at least twice a week, and I do mirror work. I also window shop and takes drives to areas that I would like to live in one day. Yes, I am always manifesting. (-: Women have been programmed to love and nurture everybody but themselves and especially their spouse and children. And that is what I did and have done for the past five years; take care of everybody else except me. Well, Lichens Planus awakened me. I am currently in the "selfish" space, and that is perfectly fine as it is about time. I cook once a week as seventy-five percent of my food is in the form of liquid, fruits or vegetables. Shemar and Patrick both know how to cook, so there is no need for me stand over a hot stove. 

The first of November I decided not to buy any carbs and stick with chicken, fish, turkey and vegetables. I was never a fan of pork or beef. I did that for the first thirty days and felt somewhat better. The following thirty days, I did not purchase any meat. I ate vegetable dishes, some carbs, grains, and wheat. I noticed my body itched like crazy whenever I ate grains, wheat, and even the smallest amount of sugar, like one cookie. I immediately removed the wheat, grains, starch and yeast from my diet and detoxed my body. I juiced, ate raw foods and drank a fiber supplement. I did that until my poop no longer had a foul smell which was about five days. When January rolled in, I purchased all veggies (some wild caught canned salmon), and since then I have juiced, eaten raw foods and taken my supplements. At this time, my body isn't tolerating much. However, I do have a list of foods I can eat that will not affect my Leaky Gut.  What's weird is, the doctors told me I was allergic to wheat, corn, yeast, ash trees, dust and shellfish when I was about twenty-six. However, whenever I ate shrimp from the whole foods store, there was never any reaction.  I am sure GMO's have everything to do with it, but I will not test it anymore. This journey has been emotionally and physically painful.

Weight Release
I had not noticed the weight release until Patrick made it clear to me. I was and am focused on healing my body, and that comes with weight release. Once I did pay attention to the weight loss, I was amazed at how my waistline shrunk about three-four inches. My breast shrunk about two sizes and my thighs trimmed down about an inch as well. I was excited and felt so good about healing my body. Weight release isn't all about releasing weight as it is about healing your body. My organs are functioning better, I feel better and have a lot more stamina and energy. Before  Psoriasis, I weighed 170lbs. I was unhealthy, overweight (according to European standard), slightly elevated cholesterol, borderline high blood pressure; my knees hurt, my lungs couldn't fully expand, I sometimes drank too much wine when I was out and just felt run down.  I did not love the weight I carried and obviously has issues with me, like old patterns and behaviors. My weight came with emotional pain and attachments. Again, dealing with my son's traumatic experience as well as choosing not to punch the clock anymore was emotionally draining to the point to feeling dead on the inside. I had given so much of me to the world, that I forgot about me and used food as my comfort. Food has always been a comfort to me as that was one of my old behaviors when I felt alone and sad. Today, it's kind of hard to lean on food as a comfort when your food consists of green juices, smoothies, raw foods and salmon from time to time. I thank the Universe I was never addicted to sugar. My love was always potato chips, and although carbs break down to sugar and sugar to fat, I eat healthy chips from the Whole Food Store. I also have a beet and carrot juice when I want something sweet. I can also have some dark chocolate, in moderation. Another release that will take place is my addiction to the fat in meat. I have no desire to eat pork, beef, or turkey again. Eventually, I will give up chicken, but never Salmon. (-: The main foods and toxins I will avoid for the rest of my life are wheat, gluten, yeast, corn and shellfish as those are the foods I am allergic to as well as nicotine and alcohol. I will also avoid dairy, processed and fried foods and the meats I stated earlier. 

Topical Treatment: DIY (Mixture)
100 % Organic Coconut Oil 
100 % Organic Shea Butter 

In conclusion, I love my body as I am grateful it still works and speaks loud when I am not listening. If there were anything I want you to take from my experience and this blog, it would be to hear to your body and do a detox and cleanse at least once a year. I will love and take care of my body from this moment forward. No more toxins, smoke, alcohol, emotional stress or physical stress; just me nurturing my body and creating longevity. This experience has provided me with more pain, power, passion and purpose.  

The most important part of this entire process is loving you. It's so easy for us to say, "I love me." Well, I pose the question, how is your overall being doing? Are you harboring unhealthy emotions, negative thoughts, ill and disconnected from your spirit? Have you done mirror work? Are you taking medicine, smoking, using drugs or drinking alcohol on a regular? Do you allow people to mistreat you? Are you in an abusive relationship? I am not here to judge, but I want you to take a look at your life and determine if self-love exists. It is imperative that you love self as my entire journey has always been learning to love my whole being and treating it as so. I finally made it. But, I am sure another wonderful lesson will come forth. 

I take full responsibility for my condition and healing. I have no shame or embarrassments as my wish is to empower you to start loving yourself, eat healthily and stop abusing your body. I would love to help you start over. If you have questions, please
click here. 

​What's coming up for me? More healing, cleansing, detoxing, and weight release with a Naturopath practitioner. New skin is on the way.

January 2017

I must say, this has been a great journey for me; embracing and releasing pain, developing a better relationship with my body, healing my body, learning to love my body, and so much more. As a Life Coach, the one thing I am certain of and that is the journey never ends. Be well. 

Leaky Gut and Lichens Planus


Holistic Healing

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After releasing an addiction, the average person finds a substitute like I did when I was twenty-two, and that substitute was food. Not today. In fact, I have released lots of weight, and the additional energy is still evaporating. I did it the natural way, no pills or diet fads, just healthy eating, and exercise. How cool is that? ​Not only have I released excess weight (not sure how much), but I feel so good. I can fit clothes I was unable to. I can exercise and do high-intensity cardio without feeling short-winded. I no longer eat pork, beef, turkey, processed foods, wheat, or (gluten).

Let's talk about
Lichens Planus (LP) and the symptoms. 

Purplish, flat-topped bumps, most often on the inner forearm, wrist or ankle, but sometimes on the external genitals
Blisters that may break to form scabs or crusts
Lacy white patches in the mouth — inside the cheeks or on the gums, lips or tongue
Painful oral or vaginal ulcers
Hair loss and scalp discoloration
Nail damage or loss​

Personally speaking, I believe Lichens Planus is a symptom of Leaky Gut. I understand all too well what autoimmune is and if Lichens Planus is considered an autoimmune disease than what's causing it. And is it a symptom of something larger or a disease within itself. What is the inflammatory response that causes over the reproduction of skin cells? Why are the skin cells responding in overtime and again, to what? An autoimmune disorder is when your antibodies attack your tissue, cells, organs, etc. Besides the obvious, your deficient immune system, what would cause your immune system to attack itself.  ​

If you recall the definition of Leaky Gut (Intestinal Permeability), The wall of the intestine is considered a semipermeable. Semipermeable means the pores only allow certain things to enter the bloodstream and block other things from entering the bloodstream. For instance, specific molecules and nutrients are allowed to pass through but prevent toxins and large undigested food particles. 

With Leaky Gut, the walls or tight junctions are no longer semi-permeable but widened. In this case, undigested food particles and toxins make their way into the bloodstream. Your antibodies view these undigested food particles and toxins as foreign and attack your healthy cells, and that can often lead to allergies or other immunologic responses, like Lichens Planus. 

What was my experience with LP? Horrible! Every day and night my skin burned as it felt like fire ants crawling all over my body. The heat was unbearable. At any given time, I felt overheated and sometimes like hot pins and needles stabbed me. I was uncertain why. I cried. I sat in cold water. I stood in front of the fan. I stood on my patio with a sleeveless t-shirt on in thirty-degree weather. You're probably wondering why my body was hot. My body was inflamed as there was too much "heat" or energy given off from my body attacking itself. The lesions were sore to the touch and inflamed. They were bright red, purple and very tender. I could barely wear clothes some days. Underwear and bras were not an option. When anything rubbed against my skin, more lesions appeared. Many days I walked around in Pat's oversized tee-shirts. Some days, I wore cotton or rayon pajamas as those were the only fabrics my skin allowed. I could not sit as the skin on the back of my thighs felt like it was cracked.  The itch was deep, like underneath my skin, or one that you couldn't reach. And my goodness, I cried and cried. I awoke in the middle of the night rubbing shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba and any other oil I could on my body. None of the oils worked. The only thing that relieves the itching was Patrick's body massage. Pat was awake with me many nights trying to comfort me. Shemar felt useless as he had no idea of what to do. He cried with me. I swear this was a very painful and teaching lesson for me. I was beyond miserable and wouldn't wish this shit on anyone.

I went to see an acupuncture specialist and the burning subsided. Dr. Liu explained to me that there was too much heat in my body. My tongue was beet red. She also told me to avoid anything spicy, fried, sugar, wheat, gluten, etc. 

As the days passed, I realized the only thing that would heal me was food. After much research and reviewing my resources, I realized I needed more than Nutrition. I needed supplements as well. I need to cleanse my blood, add good bacteria to my gut, repair my intestines, support my lungs, boost my immune system, aid in digesting my food, improve my skin cell growth, reduce swelling and inflammation and promote more oxygen to my cells. I had a lot of work and repairing to do. Here is the list of natural supplements and vitamins I am taking right now, and all of them are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free. Click on the supplement to see the benefits. 

Supplements and Vitamins
Quercetin with Bromelain
​Licorice Extract
​Milk Thistle
Digestive Enzymes
Vitamin D3
Vitamin B-Complex 50
Vitamin C+ Bioflavonoids 
Fish Oil

I started taking these supplements about a month ago, and I must say, I feel 75% better than I did before. Holistic healing doesn't happen overnight just as the damage to my body didn't happen overnight. So patience is necessary when taking the holistic route and I recommend it. My psoriasis is no longer bright red and inflamed. In fact, they are darker due to hyperpigmentation. Some doctors say that the hyperpigmentation is due to melanocytes sending too many signals to replenish the skin cells that were absent during the flare-up of psoriasis. So there you have it. My psoriasis is healing. However, the Leaky Gut will take about three to six months, so right around the summer time; I will feel better than I ever felt in my life. This condition has been here since I was seventeen and it is time to release it. 

Dr. Josh Axe
Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac
Mayo Clinic
Cleveland Clinic
Carol Tuttle
One World Healing