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6 Week Online Course 

Sessions are sent via G-Mail every Monday morning at 9 am.​ During the 6 weeks, we will meet once online. 

Your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are the source of your power and within this program, you will learn how to align them and become one with the Universe. Register for "reNEW Your Mind" and discover the Power of your Subconscious Mind / Reactive Mind; (The software that obeys any command (thought, emotion, behavior) you give it.), how to create success and happiness via your Conscious Mind and deprogramming negative thoughts, behaviors and patterns that have become habitual and destructive.

Spiritual Detox (Mind, Body & Soul)

6 Week Online Course 

Sessions are sent via G-Mail every Tuesday morning at 9 am.​ During the 6 weeks, we will meet twice online. 

​Cost- $599.00

Ego is Self-Sabotage

And the death of thousands of relationships.

All of my online programs, are designed to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of who you are, where your reactions come from, and to be open to see where others are coming from when in contact with you. You will develop your emotional intelligence as well as learn how to react from your authentic self and maintain respect. At the end of each course, you will have the following:

* Remedies for Healing

* Trust the process of life

* Increased self confidence 

Connect with your higher self​​​

​* Avoid unhealthy and toxic people

* Relax and allow life to work for you

* Positive perception of life as a whole
* Deepened knowledge of your strength
* Effective ways of dealing with 
Understand your personality and how to relate to others

What if you knew how to create power and purpose from pain, would you do it? ​Or would you continue to wreak havoc on self and others? Pain is Power and should be used to fuel our purpose, increase wisdom and awareness and provoke growth and maturity. Most of us use it as a crutch to hurt others, not date, over eat, use drugs and alcohol, blame others, and not be accountable, among other things, and that is okay, however, wouldn't you prefer to create power and purpose from your pain. 

Every obstacle we experience is an opportunity for soul growth, self empowerment and personal advancement. Register for Pain is Power and learn how to embrace pain, create authentic power, forgiveness, remove the victim mentality, the M.A.R V Technique, the R.E.A.R Technique, the Power of the Subconscious Mind, and so much more. 


​​​​​ReNEW Your Mind

The R.E.A.R Technique was especially formulated for those who want to not only understand the experience of pain, but also how to move through it. Within my REAR Technique online program, you will learn to recognize how the painful experience affected you, embrace that fragmented part of you, accept what has happened and then release those things that no longer serves you a purpose. 

This is the exact technique I used to heal from sexual abuse and domestic violence. I promise it is guaranteed to work if you are willing to take a close look at self. What's more, you have access to this course for as long as you live. Therefore, it will always be at your fingertips. 

6 Week Online Course 

Sessions are sent via G-Mail every Friday 

morning at 9 am.​ During the four weeks, we will meet once time online.


Spiritual Detox: 60 Day Transformation  

Have you ever experienced a Spiritual Detox? One that involves your mental (thoughts), emotions (unhealthy energy), physical (toxic colon) and spirit (listening to intuition)? If not, let's take a look at this dynamic approach of healing and transforming your entire being. 

We live in a very polluted environment, and much of our food is genetically modified in such a way that we end up consuming toxins that instead of our body experiencing good health, we die slowly. But that's not it, parasites and yeast are literally killing 200,000,000 Americans and the people in the world abroad. Food is a small portion of what's making us sick and killing us. Fortunately, within this Spiritual Detox, I focus on releasing the parasite, yeast, mucoid plaque, excess weight (waste) and so much more.  Click here for more information....

4 Week Online Course 

Sessions are sent via G-Mail every Thursday morning at 9 am.​ During the four weeks, we will meet once time online.

Cost $499.00 

4 Week Online Course 
Sessions are sent via G-Mail every Wednesday morning at 10 am.​ During the four weeks, we will meet once online. 

Cost $499.00


Register for ANY online course and receive a FREE Audible Download of Perfectly Planned OR any FREE E-Book from my library. Payment Plans Available

Spirituality that which is our true state of existence is identifying with the soul or God-principle within us and living day to day life within this reality. As we are one. The Divine-principle exists within all of us as there is unity with Spirituality. Depending on the level of our ego, we identify with the Divine-principle within us. If we live too much within our Ego, we lose sight of our true self, meaning if the level of your Ego is too high, you are NOT within the Divine-principle; you are actually living in fear and/or your intellect. There are only two true sources of emotions and they are Love and Fear.  

Ego falls directly under fear and within my program, you will learn the behaviors of your Ego and identify them before you self-sabotage and/or destroy your relationships. Ego is your little self. 

​Cost- $650.00

​​The R.E.A.R Technique​​

Recognize, Embrace, Accept, Release

When we think of power, we think of those things we can see, feel or touch like money, cars, houses, great credit scores and other things. In fact, that is actually external power that which gives you the idea of manipulating and controlling others. What's more, it is not who you truly are as these things are external of you. Your true self is within as described as authentic power. Within my "Know Thyself" online program, you will have the opportunity to truly explore who you really are and how to become one with the Universe (God). There are two great factors that play a part in this program and they are Spirit and Ego. Once you understand and Know Thyself, not only do you know everybody else, but you become aligned with the Universe. Lastly, you will be able to live a life that's filled with love, joy and abundance.  

Write Your Book in 90 Days

Seventy percent of the world embraces Religion and that is completely okay. However, only .o1 percent embraces Spirituality. Is it because no one understands Spirituality or because it isn't taught? Either way, the purpose of this program is to offer you another way to embrace God and show you how Religion has been used for brainwashing and control purposes. 

There is a huge difference between the two and the idea of becoming one with the Universe (God) is not mentioned within Religion. Also, how to heal and access all things that the Universe has provided us with aren't mentioned either. Within this online course, you will learn exactly how to live free, why we suffer,  embrace a concept that actually works towards creating  spiritual growth, and how you spirit is directly tied to your emotions, 

10 Week Online Course 
Sessions are sent via G-Mail every Sunday morning at 9 am.​ During the ten weeks, we will meet three times online. 



The hardest part about writing a book is getting started. Most people believe publishing the book is the hardest part, but that has been found untrue as there are numerous ways to easily get your book published including self-publishing. I am the author of five books including the international seller Perfectly Planned. I wrote these five book within six years as that may not seem like much, but, when you're married with a family, regularly exercises, a Life Coach, Speaker and facilitate events, you might think differently. My point is, there are no excuses when you want to get something done.


I'll coach you every step of the way to get your book out of your head and onto paper. Using my exclusive process, I will help you become the Published Author you've always dreamed of being. Cost: $799.00
Read More Here.....


​​​Religion vs Spirituality

​​​​Know Thy Self

​​Authentic Power (Love, Understanding & Forgiveness vs External Power (Manipulation & Control) 

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Pain is Power

Create Purpose and Power from Pain

Transforming Lives Worldwide