If there was a gift of poverty, it would be the gift of self-seeking and not depending on our oppressors to elevate us. I think if all took this opportunity to focus on our inner power and not what we are lacking, we can then begin to see exactly what our gifts are. This is hard to do when faced with financial crisis, violence, crime, a poor educational system, bad health, and unemployment, however, it is possible. One percent of Americans own and control more wealth than ninety percent of the people, and that is a statement. There are more people living in poverty. If we decided to do a number of things like the list below, we can exterminate poverty.


*Stop supporting the rich

*Start supporting the poor 

*Support each other and small businesses 
*Tap into our souls and find our purpose in life 

*Collectively develop a plan that will enhance all of our abilities to progress
*Remove racism as Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Latinos, Asians, etc., are all suffering from indoctrinations in America 

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Change Doesn't Happen 

by Chance

 it  Happens by​  Change!

A New Year will always arrive as I am excited to continue my journey of experience with the greatness of the Universe. What about you? Are you ready to transform your life and create the person you know you were meant to be? Let's start here....

Don't expect to take the same person into a New Year and expect different results. Many of us expect every year to be different and better, when we choose to NOT do, think or behave differently. So, a year will come, but will you a new you? Will you create the life you want in all areas of your life, or will you continue to live on accident? 

Will you learn to forgive, release unhealthy emotions and invest in self so that you can attract better and positive relationships? Or, will you continue to waddle in your past painful relationships and blame everyone else?

Will you start eating fruits and veggies and exercise at least 3 day a week? Or, will you continue to eat pork, beef, processed, fried, and fast foods and sit around complaining about your weight, and health while creating dis-ease in your body? 

Will you complain about your lack of money while wasting it on materialistic things that serves you NO higher purpose? Or, will you change the way you think and realize there is no shortage as the Universe provides abundantly? 

Will you continue to live a caged existence within religion while seeking external empowerment? Or, will you research Spirituality, listen to your "gut" and realize that seeking internally is the only way to connect with the source and live life freely.

Will you follow your heart's true desire, do what you love, work with gratitude and trust the process of life? Or, will you continue to complain about your job knowing you have passion for something else and a purpose in life?

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The Gift

of  Poverty

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Holistic Healing

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As a child, I wanted to work to become a Surgeon. I remember watching medical shows on Channel 11 when I was young. I was very intrigued with some of the things I saw. My father always told me to become an RN. I knew I wanted to help others; I just wasn't sure how I would satisfy that passion to help. I joined the Health Care Industry at twenty years old and began as a Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist and patient care was very satisfying. I was very good at making others feel better. It was natural for me to connect with patients/ people etc. I still didn't have the courage to attend school for RN, so, during my time as a Phlebotomist I stumbled across a job through a co-worker called Medical Technologist (MT). I finished school and today it has been thirteen years since I worked as a Medical Technologist, giving me a total of twenty one years in health care.

The Health Care industry was very rewarding to me, however, I still felt like I was missing something so I decided to enroll in school for RN even after I received my B.S in Health Information Management. To make a long story short, I was no longer my priority as my son, Shemar was and I didn't want to sacrifice him any longer so I decided to leave school and focus on raising him.

As a Medical Technologist (MT), some of my day-to-day duties included complex analysis of microscopic, immunologic, biologic, bacteriologic, hematologic, chemical tests and their results. Some of my tasks might include: 

Preparing cultures of tissue samples
Establishing and monitoring programs that ensure data accuracy
Microscopically examining slides of bodily fluids
Cross-matching blood for transfusions
Chemically analyzing blood or urine for toxic components
Analyzing lab reports for accuracy
Operating and calibrating equipment
Delivering test results to physicians, researchers or patients
Collecting and studying blood samples to determine morphology To summarize this, I analyzed body fluids to help physicians in diagnosing and treating patients. Pretty complex, paid well and always something new to learn, but, not what my heart desired. However, as a Medical Technologist I saved lives. In essence, "helping" was always my passion. 

Up until 4 years ago and in 2008, I lived with some sense of emptiness about fulfilling my destiny. I knew there was something else I should have been doing. My friend, Jerrie Mason introduced me to public speaking and afterwards, I realized I had a natural talent for it and connecting with others. There was no fear, no stage fright, just pure confidence and gratification. What's more, I didn't receive any monetary compensation and was still satisfied. In 2009, I wrote Perfectly Planned and released in 2010. My first book led me to public speaking and sharing my story. My pain of being sexually molested and experiencing all forms of abuse as a child drove me to the desire of wanting to help others. I wrote my second book two years later, Overcoming Toxic Relationships and still desired to help in a more direct way. I realized I was on the right path to my purpose in life so I decided to walk away from health care after twenty three years of service and become a Certified Transformation Coach. What's more, I have written a total of four books and two more will be released Spring, early Summer of 2015. Today, I live on purpose. I turned my pain into passion and found my purpose in life.  

I can now help, change and save lives on a greater scale. In essence, it adds up to me creating programs, sharing my experience, knowledge and/or life's lessons with others to build, encourage, inspire, and empower. I am living on purpose, or often referred to as having 'found one's calling'. How do I know this is my calling? Not only do I have passion or fire to do it, I cannot walk away from it. My reward is that someone’s life is enriched by me speaking, writing or coaching them. No amount of money can compare to that emptiness in my heart that has finally been fulfilled. The gratification I receive from empowering others is what makes me who I am. I live to enrich others. I live to empower and inspire. I live to positively change lives. This is what God has given me; this is my gift, my calling, and
and my purpose. Some may not accept, believe or even be interested in hearing me speak, coaching them or reading any of my books and that's okay. This is what the Law designed for me and I will do it with passion. Many of us are nowhere near living on purpose. We are simply doing what we stumbled across, or doing what pays well, or just doing what our parents told us we should do. It becomes habitual or comfortable living in the place we are in. I believe if Jerrie Mason had not invited me out seven years ago, I may not have found my purpose as soon as I did. Who knows; maybe or maybe not, at any rate, I found what many people never find; my purpose. We all have a purpose in life just as the bees, trees and flowers and that is our PREdestined gift that God blessed us with. I wanted to become a surgeon and I am. The difference is instead of healing through medicine, I heal the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental body through the God in men and my life.  Read more here....

My purpose in life has always been to assist others in healing.