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The resources listed here are individuals that I believe in, have worked with, purchased their products and have a strong faith in their visions.  As a Life, Healing and Transformation Coach, there is no way I can change the world without the assistance of other great people. The great people listed below are those whose vision or work is aligned with mine.  Some are friends and some are colleagues, but more importantly, they are phenomenal Entrepreneurs that I trust and believe in. I am in no shape or fashion compensated by any of the resources listed as my goal is to share the wealth so that we all grow together.

​​Metaphysics and Spiritual Education: 

Master Force International Leadership Academy -  Become a Master Force Coach; Committed to the overall well being, growth and development of our children, families and communities.We provide educational systems that nurture whole brain learning at the civic level.


Blazin Cycle ​- Great energy throughout the whole stretch. Marlon brings out the strength in you that you wouldn’t have known was there.

Push Hard Fitness  The act or power of ability to use strength of mind (fortitude) to continue and last (persevere) despite adverse conditions in a stressed environment. 

​​​CHE Wellness, Fitness and Lifestyle Expert - If You Don't Make A Decision To Be Healthy, The World Will Make The Decision For You! You Have 1 Temple To Live In! Take Care Of It!

Holistic Healing:

Catalyst Coaching - Today you are one "Deliberate Action" closer to a new you!   A place where you will feel awesomely inspired, empowered and onto a strategically positive path of transformation. 

Goldielovesu Wellness - Assisting others in actualizing their dreams in their profession and to expand the consciousness to exceed beyond the natural eye sight.

Lotus Love Reike Healing - Lotus Love Spirit Healing is a conceptual healing art form intended to release fear, relax, remove stress and receive healing, and connect individuals with universal love.​​

Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner & Weight Release - Provides the latest in holistic nutrition and weight release programs for those ready to live healthier, holistic, more fulfilling lives. 

Leadership Institute For Transformation and EmpowermenttWe are taught to cheer up, count our blessings, and distract ourselves with mundane things along the way.  We must learn to question everything. The second I asked myself why, my entire life shifted and led me on this path of auto-didactic self-transformation.

Demoiselle 2 Femme, NFPBuilding leaders one girl at a time. 

Natural Hair & Body Products & Care

Inner Sanctum Wellness We create luxurious products for bath, body and home.  We take great pride in producing products which contains the finest essential oils, salts, extracts and blends.

​SuperFly Au Naturale - What sets us aside from the rest?  We use healing oils that are pressed from the seeds of super foods & fruits from all across the world. We only use the best quality to make our natural products the best

FCA Naturals - As a mother of a small daughter,  the concept of self love and acceptance is extremely important part of her everyday life and this company’s message.  

Naadia's Pure Relief​ Soothing and fortifying the mind, body and spirit is Naadia's primary goal. 

Nails By Twist- The one that will touch your SOLE. 

Licensed Massage Therapist - Your how to relaxation

Business Development:

JMH Creative Graphic Designs Our MISSION is to empower you with the resources you need; equip you with a visual presence and inspire you to be your BEST brand.

Da-Nay Macklin - The Conquering Coach - Specializing in life purpose and transitional coaching providing her clients the luxury of being able to live life by design rather than default.

Food for the Soul & Body:

Inner Sanctum Wellness My approach is simple: I never judge a person's journey, as each person's journey is uniquely theirs.  Whether their goal is to adopt a vegetarian, vegan, raw food lifestyle, I show them how to integrate new recipes into their eating plan and have fun while doing so.

Stuff Liv Eats - To inspire more people who think that eating Raw/Vegan is difficult or time consuming that it really is not. In fact, creating a Raw meal can be very simple and faster than most meals yet just as delicious. 

The Cookout on Wheels - We’re a flamin’ hot stop for food lovers that enjoy an amazing cookout. We’ve taken our passion for cooking and delicious food to the next level, offering a spectacular selection of backyard barbecue favorites—from ribs and roasted potatoes, to pig roasts and peach cobbler!

​​Support System:

 Kevin's Room - Suicide Prevention Dealing with stress or depression can be difficult and make anyone feel alone. Our goal is to make sure you understand that your life matters.

​Anointed Wives Ministry - A global ministry that empowers, uplifts and encourages married and single women who desire a  "till death due us part marriage." 

Event Planning: 

Events By EveAssist in helping conquer all of your needs in planning the perfect affair.  From full coordination to partial, every event will be given the detail, creativity and time it deserves.

Use the links below to access websites that will help you improve your personal or business life in the areas of nutrition, holistic healing, exercise, ​graphic design, business development, support and more.


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