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​​Are you ready to release those things that no longer serve you a purpose? Whether it be unhealthy emotions, negative thoughts, excess weight or confusion, I am here with you step by step to help you reach spiritual success. Within my safe space of holistic healing, you will learn to take control of your overall being and promote longevity.  Check this out. Under the most powerful mobile curriculum ever, The Life Quadrant, your being will transform right before your eyes, just as mine did. For 90 days you will have full access to
Coach Kelley as she walks you through her Spiritual Detox Program.  Most of us are in mental and emotional bondage to food. We have no idea why, but we have food addictions or issues facing reality, so we create compulsive behaviors. These actions more than likely began in childhood and now they all seem so normal. So, how do we rid ourselves of those things that no longer serves us a purpose? We face them head on. Why? Because if you refuse to face those things that challenge or inhibit you, they will always be there to defeat you. So, what does this look like? Weight release is not a physical process as it is all metaphysical. Within my course, you will learn not only how to release weight, but what are the attachments that keep you in bondage, defeated and unhealthy.

Some of the beliefs that kept me in food bondage:
The Bible says we can eat meat
The addictive fat within the meat
Eat whatever you want and just exercise
We get protein from meat
We get dairy from cows

Some emotions that kept me in food bondage:
Feeling empty inside

Some thoughts that kept me in food bondage:
I'm going to die anyway
The fat protected me from unwanted attention

Beef isn't as bad as pork

Lamb isn't as bad as beef
It's turkey, so processed isn't bad

Does any of that sound familiar, if so, it is time for a Spiritual Detox. The program is ninety days and packed with plenty of vitamins, minerals, golden nuggets and food for the soul to motivate you to not only get healthy but stay healthy, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Within this holistic space of healing the mind, body, and soul, attendees will have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with Coach Kelley for ninety days. The entire program will revolve around the Life Quadrant: Mental, Emotional, Physical And Spiritual. (MEPS)

Mental Detox- Detox the mind of all the painful memories, past failures, negative thoughts; open up 
to new ideas, views and positivity. This is where you find clarity. 

Emotional Detox- Detox the heart of all the hurt, pain, hatred and prejudices and fill it with love. 
In this space you discover how beautiful you are.

Physical Detox- Detox the body of toxins, waste materials, GMO’s, fast foods, processed foods, sugars, 
dairy and gluten. This is where you create new health and release weight. 

Soul Detox- Detox the Soul of all your pinned up anger, aggression, sorrow and give it 
to God, the infinite, the divine, the universe. Let go. This is where you connect with your true self (spirit). 

Topics we Challenge

Levels of Consciousness

The Brain

Inner Child

Mirror Work

Master Teachers

Juicing and Raw Foods

Detoxing and Cleansing

Weight Release

Heal(thy) Body



Begins: Saturday, February, 4th
Duration: 90 Days
Where: FB Secret Group (Live Videos and Homework Sent via Gmail)
When: Every Saturday

Clients are required to purchase their own food.

Reference Materials 
Juicer and Magic Bullet required 

Next Course in June

​​During the fasting process: (Prescription for Nutritional Healing)

Cleansing and detoxifying your body and its processes through fasting has become very popular. Toxins build up resulting from the pollutants in the air we breathe, water we drink, and chemicals found ​in food, household supplies and beauty products; additionally, toxification results from eating an acid-forming, denatured and processed food diet, and living with stress, electro-magnetic frequencies and radiation. Our body can naturally detoxify itself, but we move too fast, ingest too much poison, and forget to take the time to allow a proper cleansing. 

Natural toxin excretion continues without new toxin replenishment, reducing total body toxicity.
Energy used for digestion redirects to immune function, cell growth, and eliminatory processes.
The immune system’s workload is reduced and spares the digestive tract inflammation due to allergic reactions to food.
Lowered of serum fats thin the blood, increasing tissue oxygenation and moving white blood cells more efficiently.
Fat-stored chemicals such as  pesticides and drugs, are released.
Physical awareness and sensitivity to diet and surroundings are increased. 

A three-day fast helps the body rid itself of toxins and cleanses the blood.
A five-day fast begins the process of healing and rebuilding the immune system.
A ten-day fast can help fight off illness, including degenerative diseases common to our chemically polluted environment.

Foods to Avoid on a Cleanse
Meat, dairy products, eggs, wheat, sweeteners, gluten, soy products, coffee and caffeinated beverages, condiments, alcohol,
and corn. 

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Spiritual Detox (Mind, Body & Soul)

Spiritual Detox: Mind. Body. Soul.

Image Credit: Trinity Healings

What is a Spiritual Detox? Eliminating all things that no longer serve you a purpose.

Mental Detox: Detox the subconscious mind of all old thoughts, patterns, behaviors, beliefs, negativity memories and past failures; open up to new ideas, abundance and positivity. This is where you find clarity. 

​Emotional Detox: Detox the heart of all the hurt, pain, hatred, and prejudices and fill it with love. In this space you discover your true beauty.

Physical Detox: Detox the body of waste materials, toxins, fast and processed foods, sugary, dairy and gluten. This is where you heal the body and release weight. 

Soul Detox: Detox the soul of all the confusion. Let it go and give it to the Universe, God, the Infinite, the Divine. This is where you connect with your true self (spirit). 

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