Holistic Healing

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​​"I am happy. I'm applying everything you taught me in my life and i see a difference in me and my relationships. I am no longer afraid to be vulnerable and transparent as it feels good. I'm allowing myself to date and I understand looking at me. I feel happy and i know how to stand up for myself. Things are so different and now I trust myself. I see things from a different perspective."

~ Yuanda Ruffin, Illinois

Prior to hiring Coach Kelley, I felt mentally and emotionally stuck. I didn’t have enough belief in myself to move forward in my dreams and while I met deadlines, I never really gave my best. After working with Coach Kelley, I understand why I wasn’t giving my best as well as why my confidence was low. Coach Kelley made me see how my past experiences, thoughts and emotions were interfering with my ability to be and do my best. My life has changed in a major way since working with Coach Kelley and I would recommend her services to any and all.

~Nefertari Stoner, Illlinois

Working with Coach Kelley has opened my mind up to who I am really am, what transparency and intimacy is. She taught me how things don’t happen to us, but for us and we have to stop blaming. I understand now that when painful things happen, there is a purpose behind it. We may not see it in the beginning, but once you process the information and understand who you are, it becomes easy to understand why things happen. I would recommend Coach Kelley to anyone who is willing to open up and express themselves, to learn about their deepest self, mind and spirit. Working with Coach Kelley has been an amazing journey and I appreciate everything she has taught me. 

~Linda Waymon, Illinois

"You changed my life in one week. I've been seeking more knowledge about myself. Thank you for not calling me as I stood strong and checked my feelings; I am healed. Love you my sister."

~ Montrell Cochran, Illinois 

While working with Coach Kelley, I learned how to be receptive and separate Ego from spirit. I also learned how to embrace my painful lessons and break unhealthy pattern and behaviors.  Coach Kelley empowered me to see how important Chakras are and great techniques to use on dealing with stress, besides the typical like escaping and running from your pain or ignoring it. Life gets busy and we often try to ignore our pain, but I learned to look at, embrace and deal with it. I understand what taking the high road is and being my higher or bigger self. I recommend anyone to work with Coach Kelley.

Roberta Sweeper, Illinois 

Coach Kelley is an amazing woman, I took her Mind Body coaching program and I learned how important it is to stay balanced. I also learned how negative energy transfers to one person to the next and how most people think with their subconscious mind instead of their conscious mind. If you are looking to regain control of your life and get rebalanced, I highly recommend you take the program with Coach Kelley. 

~ Lisa WIlliams, South Carolina

Coach Kelley! I am so grateful for the marriage/spousal coaching that you have provided me; it has truly changed my perspective in just a week! I thank you for helping me restore my thinking, my approach and outlook towards my marriage and my family. I appreciate it; and love you!

~ Julie Holloway, Illinois

"What an amazing workshop with coach Kelley Porter Turner. I would encourage anyone that has a desire too be free, to partake in her workshop, MindBody Coaching. Without going into full details, you wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity to expand your higher self. I could never go back to being who I was.

​I am so amazed of the insight, knowledge, understanding, and awareness this lesson has impacted me with. I will never be the same, I see myself going higher, and higher in ministry, healing, deliverance, education, positive thoughts. WOW!!!!! so much more. I'm so grateful to the God I serve for allowing me this great opportunity in letting our paths meet.

Keep doing what you are doing. I look forward to your workshop on overcoming, INCEST, RAPE & SEXUAL ABUSE."

~Sandra McKoy, Illinois

"I just wanted to write and make sure to thank you for all of the support and coaching you have given me over this past year. You pointed out the things I needed to work on without ever making me doubt your faith in my abilities, which strengthened the faith I had in myself.

Your coaching classes helped me to face my truth and to over come past hurts. Your classes helped me to see my truth in a whole different perspective. (Hurt people hurts people.) Your classes also taught me how to over come my biggest fear. (That darn cologne 😉) Lol. I've learned so much in your class from Master Teachers to PMC. But most importantly, how to self love.

Thank you Kelley for your guidance, continuous support, time and effort. You are not just my coach, but my mentor, sister and friend. I couldn't have been such a better woman without you. Love you"

~Victoria Smith, Illinois

I wanted to let you know I finally over came my situation and telling people on what happened to me. I put it in poem form and I was the only one in my class to share because we where having a contest and I won by a landslide. I wasn't happy because I won I was happy because I finally released some of that pain and you are really my biggest inspiration. I really appreciate you and I hope your enjoying your day. I just wanted to let you know that you are such a huge inspiration on my life and I'm actually doing a another contest on your book and I hope to win." 

~ Ashanti, Illinois 

I promise that one session with you has made me a beast about everything now! My confidence has gone up three notches. I swear you have had such an impact on how I think and feel about so much. I love your quote "what people say about you is none of your business" words I'll always live by.

~Shalonda Hayden, Illinois