Holistic Healing

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6 Great Reasons To Start Your Transformation Today!

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I am writing this letter to express my deepest admiration, gratitude, and respect for you. You are the most courageous group of people I have ever met, and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to get to know you, sit with you and experience your journeys. 

I think a lot of the work we do together, and I keep coming back to a word called "resistance" or "avoidance." I know, you are probably wondering what exactly do I mean, well, what I mean is, when most people tell their stories in everyday dialogue, we frequently put glitter on them. We say, “I had an ectopic pregnancy, and it was awful, but now I have two wonderful daughters.” We say, “I lost my apartment, and it was devastating, but my apartment today is so much bigger and better.” We say, “I was in an abusive relationship, but it’s over, and I learned so much from it.”

We usually don’t talk about the raw stuff in the middle. We don’t say, “After my ectopic pregnancy, I spent hours crying and blaming myself." And wondering what I could have done differently. In fact, that is what I did after my ectopic pregnancy, I wanted my child, and that experience hurt me for years as directly after it, I could no longer bear children the natural way. We don’t say, “When I lost my apartment, I felt worthless, embarrassed, was depressed and didn't want anyone to know." We don't say, “I didn't leave him because I was scared to be alone, felt like I would never have anyone else, so instead I ignored all the abuse and pretended as if it wasn't that bad." 

Why don’t we tell these stories?

Well, for one, we’re worried about what others might think of us. In my book Perfectly Planned and Overcoming Toxic Relationships, I was very transparent and vulnerable as I wanted to inspire others to remove the shame and embarrassment of experiencing pain. Pain is life.  I shared my depression, my low self-worth and didn't care about what people thought. I know sometimes people become uncomfortable when hearing of others suffering, but, mainly because it shifts them to their painful experience that they would rather leave buried.  

We also think these versions of our stories make us sound weak. We believe that if we admit our tough emotional times, others will not see us as the beautiful beings we are. We fear being perceived as weak, dramatic and "in our feelings," instead of being active and capable of conquering and releasing those things that no longer serve us a purpose. In reality, everybody goes through rough times and everyone deals with them differently. 

It is okay to share the middle of your story where you felt your lowest. It is those moments that people can relate to and inspires others to know that they can move through. You don't have to pretend your life is perfect. No one has a perfect life.  So, to you my clients, when I meet you, or you show up in my email, inbox, or voicemail, you are welcome to give me your truth. You do not have to wear a mask with me. In fact, I expect you to come unmasked and ready to release. 

I understand it's hard and some days you want to just lie on the floor or sit in the chair and cry your eyeballs out, I know. I have done exactly that before. Some days you come in, and you look like you want to lie down flat on the floor, and sometimes you hold your tear in and pretend to have it together. You don't have to with me.  All I want you to do is explore all of your emotions, release those that no longer serve you a purpose and grow from the experience. Help me help you find your true self. 


Kelley Porter​ Turner

6. Spiritual Detox 

Are you ready to release those things that no longer serve you a purpose? Whether it be unhealthy emotions, negative thoughts, excess weight or confusion, I am here with you step by step to help you reach spiritual success. Within my safe space of holistic healing, you will learn to take control of your overall being and promote 
longevity. Check this out. Under the most powerful mobile curriculum ever, The Life Quadrant, your being will transform right before your eyes, just as mine did. For 60 days you will have full access to Coach Kelley as she walks you through her Spiritual Detox Program. Most of us are in mental and emotional bondage to food. We have no idea why, but we have food addictions or issues facing reality, so we create compulsive behaviors. These actions more than likely began in childhood and now they all seem so normal. So, how do we rid ourselves of those things that no longer serves us a purpose? We face them head on. Why? Because if you refuse to face those things that challenge or inhibit you, they will always be there to defeat you. So, what does this look like? Weight release is not a physical process as it is all metaphysical. Within my course, you will learn not only how to release weight, but what are the attachments that keep you in bondage, defeated and unhealthy. 

Free 30 minute Digital Coaching Session

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3. Forgiveness Therapy

Are you harboring negative energy such as anger or resentment towards someone?

Did someone hurt you and you cannot move forward? If so, this program is for you and designed to equip you with the tools to conquer and release all negative energy resulting in EMOTIONAL FREEDOM.

Welcome to Transforming Lives Worldwide

It's good to have you here. Take your time reading through my programs, and when you're ready, click here...


4. Get Unstuck​

Do you have an idea or a project you like to produce? Have you discovered your Life’s Purpose? Do you have a goal or dream that you can see, but have no idea how to bring it into fruition? Do you feel stuck? If so, this program is for you and designed to REMOVE THE MENTAL and EMOTIONAL BLOCKS resulting in DREAMS BECOMING REALITY



Coach Kelley empowers people men and women to see how their childhood pain has affected their adult relationships and overall life by offering healing and transformation coaching.

In my personal development programs, you will gain a deeper understanding of who you are, where your reactions come from and are open to see where others are coming from when in contact with you. You will develop your emotional intelligence as well as learn how to react from your authentic self and maintain respect. Whether you are a professional, a manager, a parent, or simply interested in learning more about yourself, this program will strengthen your self-awareness, spiritual awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence and mental stability.  You and the community can count on Kelley to maintain confidentiality, practice with best ethics, create works that fit your needs and support you all in reaching your goals. Through the use of exercises, books, web references, journaling and other resources provided, clients will have the opportunity to discover and redefine self. 

Successful self-leadership and cooperation require inner strength, personal credibility, and a clear perception of one’s personality, potentials, and challenges. Personal development is more than just acquiring new skills; it is about having the ability to truthfully look inside yourself and identify your actions, behaviors, and thought processes and evaluate how they impact the seven aspects of your being. At the end of my programs, you will have remedies for healing, trust the process of life, and increased self-confidence.  You will connect with your higher self, avoid unhealthy and toxic people, relax and allow life to work for you, positive perception of life as a whole, deepened knowledge of your strength, effective ways of dealing with conflict/ resolution, and understand your personality and how to relate to others. The seven aspects of life are Home Life, Finances, Sexuality, Relationships, Spirituality, Health/Wellness, and Career/Life Purpose and we must not only balance all seven of them we must understand how all of them are affected by our thoughts.

​​​​​​​1. ​Abuse Recovery Coaching 


Have you experienced any form of abuse? Such as incest, sexual, verbal, physical or emotional/ mental abuse? Most adults have experienced pain as children and didn’t know they were being abused; as with the most silent form of abuse; emotional abuse. The signs are commonly ignored and the effects go unnoticed in those who have suffered from it. So many were taught your emotions aren’t real and when this happens, you build mental blocks or develop a false reality that you do not have to process your pain. Some of the effects include fear, low self-esteem, defensive, lack of trust, guilt, shame, anger, emotionally disconnected, and a disregard for other’s emotions; among other things. If any of this sounds familiar to you, this program is for YOU and designed to catapult you to "REDEFINE" self and become a "VICTOR."​ 


​2. Relationship  Coaching ​​

(Couples, Family)

Have you had several unhealthy relationships or marriages in the past? Is your current relationship failing? Are you afraid to date? Do you trust the opposite sex? Do you question everything your other half does or are you constantly trying to control your mate? Are you being controlled? Is your relationship a toxic one that includes explosive disagreements? Do you compare every new man or woman to your ex’s? Do you understand why people come into your life? Everyone who comes into your life is there for a positive reason; unfortunately most people attach to the pain and never learn the empowering lesson. If this sounds familiar to you, this program is for you and designed to BUILD a BETTER YOU through past & present relationships, and CREATE SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS.

5. Emotional Trauma Healing 

Life will never be challenge or obstacle free. There will always be an experience that requires you to stop and learn. Are you suffering from emotional trauma such as physical pain or injury, illness or moving to a new location; war or natural disaster such as a flood, tornado,or fire? Are you seeking to develop a positive perception of all experiences and life as a whole? Do you desire the ability to move through all experiences with peace and ease? If so, this program is for you and designed to PROMOTE HEALING, INCREASE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and MENTAL STABILITY. 

Coaching: (F2F/Phone/Video)