​2. Relationship Coaching ​​

Have you had several unhealthy relationships or marriages in the past? Is your current relationship failing? Are you afraid to date? Do you trust the opposite sex? Do you question everything your other half does or are you constantly trying to control your mate? Are you being controlled? Is your relationship a toxic one that includes explosive disagreements? Do you compare every new man or woman to your ex’s? Do you understand why people come into your life? Everyone who comes into your life is there for a positive reason; unfortunately most people attach to the pain and never learn the empowering lesson. If this sounds familiar to you, this program is for you and designed to BUILD a BETTER YOU through past & present relationships, and CREATE SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS.

10 Coaching Sessions (60mins)

Free email support throughout coaching 

2 free follow-up coaching calls (30mins) after completion 

9. Forgiveness Therapy 

Are you harboring negative energy such as anger or pain towards someone? We have all been wounded by someone and most are left with residual pain. Harboring unhealthy emotions lead to a negative thought process, low self-esteem, indecisiveness and an inability to be sociable and respectful to others. One can also develop physical dis-ease. If this sounds familiar to you, then this program is for you and designed to equip you with the tools to release all unhealthy emotions resulting in EMOTIONAL FREEDOM.

8 Coaching Sessions (60 mins)

Free email support throughout coaching  

2 free follow-up coaching calls (30 mins) after completion

7. ​Spiritual Awakening 

Are you in between religions or not interested in attending church? Have you lost faith in God? Do you feel like your soul is not being fed at the church you attend? Do you feel like you live a caged life?  Are you looking to acquire inner peace? Do you desire to understand self at the soul level?  Do you desire to understand your true powers. Spiritual power emerges from embracing your soul and taking ownership of the power within. If you are seeking your historical and spiritual truth, this program is for you and designed to empower you to EMBRACE SPIRITUALITY, CONNECT WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF & the God w/in.

10 Coaching Sessions (60 mins)

Free email support throughout coaching 

2 free follow-up coaching calls (30 mins) after completion 

8. Family Relations  

Are you a parent of an adult child whose relationship is non-existence? Are you an adult who has abandoned your relationship with an adult sibling? Do you have a desire to reconcile, but don't know how? Family relationships can be healthy when all parties understand the dynamics of the family structure. The structure is simple; and that is everyone has different personalities, and learning to accept and love your family members for the people they are makes the relationships a lot easier. If any of this sounds familiar to you, this program is for you and designed to EMPOWER YOU TO CREATE SOLUTIONS FOR CONFLICT that results in a BETTER FAMILY STRUCTURE. 

8 Coaching Sessions (60 mins)

Free email support throughout coaching 

2 free follow-up coaching calls (30 mins) after completion

4.Youth Building 

Do you have a teenager between the ages of 13 and 19? Is he or she rebellious or irresponsible? Is your teen having challenges making sound decisions or processing their emotions?  Does your teen complain about you (parent) not listening?  Sometimes it is better for a teenager to release and talk with someone who will remain unbiased in regards to their lives. If any of these sounds familiar, this program is for your teenager and designed to equip them with the tools to make BETTER DECISIONS, INCREASE their confidence and PREPARE THEM FOR ADULTHOOD.  

6 Coaching Sessions (60 mins)

Free email support throughout coaching  

1 free follow-up coaching call (30 mins) after completion

11. Death & Transition

Death is inevitable as the physical form must end. However, our spirits live on and through others. Have you lost a loved one and have no idea how to move forward? Do you feel lost since your loved one transitioned? Are you seeking healing and understanding? If any of this sounds familiar, this program is for you and designed to empower you to HEAL and EMBRACE  YOUR LOSS.  

6 Coaching Sessions (60 mins)

Free email support throughout coaching

1 free follow-up coaching call (30 min) after completion of coaching.

6. Discover Your Life Purpose​​​ 

Are you working a job or career and feels lost on the inside? Are you unhappy with your current career or job? Are you working a punch clock and living as an Entrepreneur as well. Do you desire to work in a field that offers meaning and purpose in your life. Do you desire to discover your life purpose, but have no idea where to start? Do you desire a new start, but feels unsure about your future direction? If any of this sounds familiar, this program is for you and designed to empower you to break free of the punch clock, CREATE your LIFE and LIVE ONPURPOSE. ​

8 Coaching Sessions (60 mins)

Free email support throughout coaching 

2 free follow-up coaching call (30 mins) after completion ​

5. Emotional Trauma Healing 

Life will never be challenge or obstacle free. There will always be an experience that requires you to stop and learn. Are you suffering from emotional trauma such as physical pain or injury, illness or moving to a new location; war or natural disaster such as a flood, tornado,or fire? Are you seeking to develop a positive perception of all experiences and life as a whole? Do you desire the ability to move through all experiences with peace and ease? If so, this program is for you and designed to PROMOTE HEALING, INCREASE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and MENTAL STABILITY. 

6 Coaching Sessions (60 mins)

Free email support throughout coaching  

1 free follow-up coaching call (30 mins) after completion  

Coaching: (F2F/Phone/Video) 


Holistic Healing



3. Spiritual Detox

My twenty-three years in Health Care and being a Transformation, Life & Healing Coach has afforded me the luxury of creating this Heal Your Body Program. We’ve all been taught to eat three meals a day as well as eat from the Food Pyramid that which is filled with calories, chemicals and dis-ease producing non-foods and not nutrition. Within my Body Plan, you will not only learn how to eat to live, but how to feed your body and not your fat cells.
Non-foods, toxins, and unhealthy energy create dis-eases as they are not a result of being hereditary, but from what we put into our bodies. Your body is at ease when you are born and from that moment, your parents, and later, you; begin to program your body.

There are a couple of primary ways in which we learn through our physical intake.  For more information on this program, please
click here. 

Welcome to Divine International Healing & Leadership Center

It's good to have you here. Take your time reading through my programs, and when you're ready, click here...



​​Divine International Healing and Leadership Center empowers you to reach emotional freedom, while gaining clarity and discovering your infinite possibilities. In my personal development programs, you will gain a deeper understanding of who you are, where your reactions come from, and be open to see where others are coming from when in contact with you. You will develop your emotional intelligence as well as learn how to react from your authentic self and maintain respect. Whether you are a professional, a manager, a parent, or simply interested in learning more about yourself, this program will strengthen your self-awareness, spiritual awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence and mental stability.  You and the community can count on Kelley to maintain confidentiality, practice with best ethics, create works that fit your needs and support you all in reaching your goals. Through the use of exercises, books, web references, journaling and other resources provided, clients will have the opportunity to discover and  redefine self.

​At the end of  our programs, you will have among other


​*Remedies for healing
*Trust the process of life
*Increased self confidence 
*Connect with your higher self​​​
*Avoid unhealthy and toxic people
*Relax and allow life to work for you
*Positive perception of life as a whole
*Deepened knowledge of your strength
*Effective ways of dealing with conflict/ resolution
*Understanding your personality and how to relate to others. 

Complete your Discovery Session Here. 

​​​​​​​1. ​Abuse Recovery Coaching 


Have you experienced any form of abuse? Such as incest, sexual, verbal, physical or emotional/ mental abuse? Most adults have experienced pain as children and didn’t know they were being abused; as with the most silent form of abuse; emotional abuse. The signs are commonly ignored and the effects go unnoticed in those who have suffered from it. So many were taught your emotions aren’t real and when this happens, you build mental blocks or develop a false reality that you do not have to process your pain. Some of the effects include fear, low self-esteem, defensive, lack of trust, guilt, shame, anger, emotionally disconnected, and a disregard for other’s emotions; among other things. If any of this sounds familiar to you, this program is for YOU and designed to catapult you to "REDEFINE" self and become a "VICTOR."​ 

12 Coaching Sessions (60mins)

Free email support throughout coaching 

4 free follow-up coaching call (30mins) after


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Successful self leadership and cooperation requires inner strength, personal credibility and a clear perception of one’s own personality, potentials and challenges. Personal development is more than just acquiring new skills, it is about having the ability to truthfully look inside yourself and identify your actions, behaviors, and thought processes and evaluate how they impact the seven aspects of your being. 

*Home Life
*Career/Life Purpose

12. Vision Board Workshop

I used to be skeptical of vision boards, but now I make them for everything. They actually work!  Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises one can ever do. 

The purpose of a vision board is to be a visual representation of what you are creating in your life. Research has shown that if you can see an outcome clearly, you are much more likely to achieve it. In addition, in my spiritual practice, I know that your dreams will come into fruition if you not only visualize it, but feel the feeling as you already have it. Maintain gratitude and the Universe will bring the vision directly to your space. Are you ready to MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY?

​*10 or more people are required. Set up your Vision Board Workshop with CoachKelley today.  

12 Great Reasons To Start Your Transformation Today!

Payments Plans Available

10. Get Unstuck​

Do you have an idea or a project you like to produce? Have you discovered your Life’s Purpose? Do you have a goal or dream that you can see, but have no idea how to bring it into fruition? Do you feel stuck? If so, this program is for you and designed to REMOVE THE MENTAL and EMOTIONAL BLOCKS resulting in DREAMS BECOMING REALITY

​4 Coaching Sessions (60 mins)
Free email support throughout coaching 
1 free follow-up coaching call (30mins) after completion of coaching.

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