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Comprehensive Optimal Health Plan

Comprehensive Optimal Health Plan $145.00

Our comprehensive optimal health plan helps you achieve overall vitality via daily 
tools, information, products, and supplements (TIPS)

Renew your mind, body, spirit, and hair.

Combined Benefits:
Hair growth
More energy
Mental clarity
Alleviate stress
Improved sleep
Reduce cravings
Release weight (waste)
Decrease inflammation
Clearer sinus passages
Strengthened immunity
Glowing hair, skin, and nails
Relieves muscle pains and aches
Controlled or eliminated cravings
Better digestion (no more constipation)
Eliminates parasites and improves your microbiome
(Protects us against germs, breaks down food to release energy)

Product list
Shopping list
Procedure list
Email support
Foods to avoid
Supplement list
Additional Notes
Detox symptom list
Acute healing remedies
Nutritional meal schedule
30 Recipes (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
22 pages of power-packed information
and more