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Kelley Porter
Highly dedicated, intuitive, and goal-driven, Kelley R. Porter is a spearheading professional speaker, published author, and life and wellness coach. Her sole mission is to support others in becoming the best versions of themselves that they can be. As a professional with over two decades of experience and the founder and owner of Transforming Lives Worldwide since 2008, Kelley has an extensive background within this field and a true ardency for her career. She thoroughly enjoys leveraging her skills to help others unearth their worth and guide them in cultivating healthy mindset manifestations to live prospering lives.

Growing up on the south side of Chicago in very traumatic circumstances, Kelley discovered early on the vitalness of resilience, commitment, and vulnerability, and those core values are what positioned her to become the inspirational, transparent person she is today. Before becoming establishing Transforming Lives worldwide, Kelley earned an Associate's degree in Medical Laboratory Science, a Bachelor's degree in Health Information Management, and a Master's degree in Social Work. She has also written seven internationally award-winning self-help books, created an internationally sold skin renewal cream, launched detox plans, and has been a certified professional speaker since 2017, presenting for countless organizations, including the Robert H. McKinney Law School and the Chicago Police Department.

Throughout her career, Kelley has built an impressive resume, consisting of 23 years in health care, 15 years as a lab scientist, and held memberships with the American Society for Clinical Pathologists, the National Society of Leadership and Success, and the Phi Alpha Honor Society. Furthermore, her devotions have not gone unrecognized. She has been featured on several TV and radio stations and in many iconic magazines such as Rolling Out Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Bean Soup Times, and SisterSpeak237 (Africa). Along with this, Kelley also obtained numerous awards, with her most recent one being the Woman of Excellence award in 2020.
Overall, nothing makes Kelley happier than being a valuable resource for others to genuinely understand their emotions, develop positive relationships, and establish the fundamental skills to make responsible decisions that will better their lives. She demonstrates her commitment by providing dynamic, real-life application scenarios and showcasing holistic life and wellness strategies that others can adopt to unlock their fullest potential. Between her zeal for helping others, monumental experience within mind, body, and spirit connections, and inventory of successes to date, you can have the solidifying confidence that you are in the best possible hands to reach full body opulence and balance that will carry with you well into the future.

As an individual who had to overcome her upbringing traumas, Kelley loves what she does and takes pride in enriching others' lives to help them capitalize on their strengths so they can live the quality of life they deserve. Kelley works with individuals, couples, families, and groups and when she is not working, you can find her hiking, soaking in the hot tub, doing high-intensity interval training, hiking, yoga, reading, or shooting pool to unwind. 

Coach Kelley has overcome obstacles that many would throw in the towel on, but not her. She’s taken stands against physical illnesses, that doctors couldn’t diagnose, but she didn’t allow their inability be hers. Her life is a blueprint that many could find their own path to healthy living, spiritual and physical.

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Pama Love


Wow, you need to read this woman’s story on her page. Coach Kelly is making waves. She knows what she’s talking about trust me! Humble and true with pure knowledge love and light. Pure respect. I’m about to buy one of her books. ❤️❤️❤️. Look on in and be educated

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Queenie Belle Cooper

United Kingdom

I was just seeing her live videos about eating more fruits and veggies and lurking her profile page a little. I just got on here and I'm blown away. Thankful to her, she is so inspiring. I scream follow her on all social media outlets kudos for what u do!!! much love.

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Kara Motley


Love the questions she asks! She responds to your comments or questions. She's here to inspire! We can most definitely use some positivity here on Facebook! Thanks for your time.

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Carissa Jane Johnson