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Kelley Porter

A Servant of the Universe (God) loving, living and unapologetically being me while transforming lives worldwide.

By title, a holistic healing enthusiast, a successful leader and expert on overcoming all forms of abuse, avoiding toxic relationships and the art of forgiveness, Kelley Porter is a Certified Life, Health & Wellness Coach, International Award Winning 6 Time Author, and Professional Speaker.  

As a speaker, Kelley’s transparent and authentic style of speaking will empower anyone to self-reflect, start the process of healing and correct thoughts and behaviors that may hinder them from living a healthy and non-toxic lifestyle.
As a Coach, Kelley empowers you to reach emotional freedom, gain clarity and discover your infinite possibilities. She is well known for assisting in the removal of mental and emotional blocks that hinders people from reaching their fullest potential. Her areas of specialty are, but not limited to; abuse, healing, relationships, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors as she has written books on all topics. Kelley has over thirty years of direct experience with all forms of abuse, domestic violence relationships, creating purpose and power from painful experiences, and creating a positive mindset.

Kelley contributes to society her genuine love for healing, improving awareness and identity, developing talents and potential; enhancing the quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations. Kelley’s mission is to guide you to design a healthy and meaningful life through wisdom, consciousness, self-reflection, self-love, accountability, and forgiveness. Prior to Kelley discovering her life purpose, she spent twenty-three years in healthcare and worked fifteen of those years as a Medical Technologist, as she is a member of the American Society for Clinical Pathologist. Kelley was recently inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success. 

Kelley has been seen and heard on radio and TV including WVON, HOT105 (Florida), Inspiration 1390, WKKC, Channel 2, 5, 7 and 19 and My Black is Beautiful (online). She has been featured in Rolling Out Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Bean Soup Times, SisterSpeak237 (Africa) and spoken to numerous prestigious organizations such as Robert H. McKinney Law School and the Chicago Police Department. She is available for speaking engagements such as keynotes, seminars, workshops, conferences, and panels. Her audience can range from congregations, universities, youth groups, NFP and community organizations, the educational and prison system as well as shelters.
The creation of CoachKelley
At 8, years old, I was forced to perform oral sex on my sister. (R.I.P) and later introduced to alcohol.
At 9, years old, I experienced sexual acts with boys and girls.
At 13, years old, my mom left and I was sexually molested.
At 14, I was introduced to cocaine and later attempted suicide.
At 15, I was evicted and forced to live with the child molester.
At 17, I reconnected with my mother and graduated high school.
At 19, I started drinking and dated a married man.
At 20, I started working in the healthcare industry.
At 22, I was depressed, contemplated suicide and spent a week in a mental institution.
At 23, I sold crack cocaine.
At 24, I became a stripper and was very depressed.
At 28, I graduated from a Junior College, started sleeping with women and was in an abusive relationship with a man.
At 29, I was arrested for destruction of property.
At 30, I had my first and only son.
At 33, I lost my ability to walk, was in a wheelchair, attempted suicide again and spent more time in a mental institution.
At 35, I became the first in my family to graduate with a B.S.
At 36, I dated a physically abusive man.
At 37, I began speaking about abuse.
At 38, I wrote my 1st book and started helping women heal (one on one)
At 39, I met Patrick.
At 40, I married Patrick Turner.
At 42, I wrote my 2nd book.
At 43, I wrote my 3rd book and received my certification for Life Coach.
At 44, I wrote my 4th and 5th book.
At 46, I entered graduate school for my MSW.
At 46, I wrote my 6th book. Detox or DIEt.

Today, I am phenomenally grateful as life was created for me. I am a woman who knows and understands that my experiences were purely lessons meant to bring me closer to self-knowledge and unconditional self-love. As a Personal Development Coach, I can help you reach any goal you choose and release any amount of pain. Everything I learned was through PAIN that created POWER, PASSION & PURPOSE! Are you ready?

Coach Kelley has overcome obstacles that many would throw in the towel on, but not her. She’s taken stands against physical illnesses, that doctors couldn’t diagnose, but she didn’t allow their inability be hers. Her life is a blueprint that many could find their own path to healthy living, spiritual and physical.

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Pama Love


Wow, you need to read this woman’s story on her page. Coach Kelly is making waves. She knows what she’s talking about trust me! Humble and true with pure knowledge love and light. Pure respect. I’m about to buy one of her books. ❤️❤️❤️. Look on in and be educated

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Queenie Belle Cooper

United Kingdom

I was just seeing her live videos about eating more fruits and veggies and lurking her profile page a little. I just got on here and I'm blown away. Thankful to her, she is so inspiring. I scream follow her on all social media outlets kudos for what u do!!! much love.

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Kara Motley


Love the questions she asks! She responds to your comments or questions. She's here to inspire! We can most definitely use some positivity here on Facebook! Thanks for your time.

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Carissa Jane Johnson

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