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I lived in, around, and beneath fear. My life was covered in fear. I had false expectations that appeared real to me. Why, because I refused to face and overcome my past obstacles and pain. I indulged in a non-reality vision of being happy and prosperous, yet I had no faith, plans, goals, or ideas. My fear of being the best, beautiful, intelligent, confident, secure, authentic, transparent, honest, loyal, happy and successful was all a dream to me because I was covered in fear and not faith. My biggest fearSEE DETAILS

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Have you ever met someone who appeared to be cold-hearted, harsh, or inhuman? I have, and I thought the person was just bitter. Well, a person with low EI comes off the same way as they lack empathy.

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Thank you for stopping by as always my goal is to empower and transform your life using my personal experiences, education and wisdom. My favorite wine were Sauvignon Cabernet or Merlot and my favorite alcohol were Jameson Irish Whiskey with Ginger Ale. I divorced alcohol and wine. We no longer have a relationship. Here I thought it would be difficult to do. I thought I was addicted to alcohol and if I listened to other people, I would have taken on their opinion or experience. I was out having a cigarSEE DETAILS

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Thank you for stopping by as always my goal is to empower and transform your life. INjoy! Have you ever truly seen your man, I mean naked, emotionally naked?  Have you ever seen beyond his physical being and looked into his soul?  Has he given you the opportunity to see his fears, insecurities, pain, or the self behind the ego? Have you ever seen the depths of your man as he reaches the depths of your body? His pain, fears, anger, jealousy, and insecurities are really the beauty beneath hisSEE DETAILS

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Emotional Health, Lifestyle, Mental Health

EMPOWERMENT. AUTHENTICITY. TRANSPARENCY. Acknowledge the thought: It is impossible to release a negative thought if you refuse to acknowledge that it exists. The purpose of recognizing the idea is to become aware of what you think. More importantly, there are no negative behavior w/o first negative thoughts. Acknowledge your thinking by merely saying “I hear you” and then replace it with a positive impression. Replace the negative thought with a positive one: When you have an idea that states you are “fat” or “you will never be happy,” counteract thatSEE DETAILS

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