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Kelley's Book Collection

Kelley Porter's Book Collection

Non Fiction / Self Help Books
Building a Better Me  
The Tools 

Building a Better Me is a collection of tools and processes that teaches you to love and accept yourself. I've used these tools for the past twenty-five years and have identified why I not only attracted unhealthy and toxic people into my life but also how I sabotaged my life. These instruments have helped me understand the inner workings of my being and how I have the leading role in my life and everything, and one in it is due to my beliefs. This book will help you replace your fears with hope, create an abundant mindset, expand your belief system, find purpose in life, create power from pain, positive change, pursue your dreams, and bring unconditional love and hope. After learning and applying these tools, you will learn to accept earth-shattering experiences that shake your soul and make the unknown okay. You will have the power to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Have fun with it, and in the end, you will build a better you.
Building a Better Me: The Tools

Paper Back & E-Book

Detox or DIEt
Closing the Gap Between Dis-Ease & Death

Have you ever experienced an illness that doctors had no idea where it originated? Are you suffering from chronic fatigue, brain fog, or digestive issues? If so, parasites in your body might just be the cause. Doctors asked me had I left the country in the last 3-6 months, and I have not. What that means is, doctors cannot blame Third World countries for this parasitic infection. The healthcare industry would have us think that parasitic infections do not occur as much in North America. However, based on the dis-ease I experienced over the last three decades, healing my body, spending twenty-three in the healthcare industry, and being a member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologist, I am convinced that parasitic infections or parasite related dis-eases are rapidly increasing. Doctors tell us dis-ease is hereditary, change your DIEt, you’re aging, and that somehow disease just arises spontaneously, or for which the cause is unknown. After suffering and healing from hypothyroidism ... 
Detox or DIEt

Paper Back & E-Book

Perfectly Planned Book 
Overcoming Incest, Rape & Sexual Abuse

A survivor of 20 years of abuse and battles that would destroy most. From incest to sexual molestation, physical and verbal abuse, rape, and abandonment. I am a woman who knows my past and understands that my experiences are purely lessons meant to bring me closer to self-knowledge and unconditional self-love. I also know that without GOD, I am nothing. My life was PERFECTLY PLANNED by the Lord himself. ABUSE is like AIDS, it has no prejudice, demographics, nationality, gender, religion, nor age can spare you. If you are uneducated and unprotected you can become a victim of abuse. The effects it has on your mind, body, and soul will devour you. I was a victim, but, now I am a SURVIVOR and the purpose of this book is to inspire you to forgive yourself and your abuser(s). It was written to educate you on how to not allow your past to dominate your present and future. As well as accepting, owning, and embracing your past. Understand that there is life after abuse. So ask yourself one question, has it ever happened to you? If you answered yes, then open this book and free your mind. If you answered no, then open this book and cultivate your mind.
Perfectly Planned

Paperback & E-book

Perfectly Planned Workbook:
A Workbook and Guide to Releasing Pain Associated with Childhood Abuse

Many years ago and after experiencing all forms of abuse, I suffered from symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicide ideations and attempts as well as addictions and alcohol abuse. A Workbook and Guide to Releasing Pain Associated with Childhood Abuse will provide you with the framework and exercises needed to recreate your life via a technique called the REAR Technique (Recognize, Embrace, Accept and Release). The same work within this book is the same work I did to heal myself. The story connected to this workbook is my award-winning book, Perfectly Planned (Overcoming Incest, Rape, and Sexual Abuse)
Perfectly Planned Workbook

Paperback Only

Overcoming Toxic Relationships 
Creating Power from Past Pain 

A victor of thirty years of abuse, identity crisis, toxic and abusive relationships, I have conquered what only a champion would live and tell. As an adult, my life consisted of patterns and behaviors created and planted in my childhood. The incest, sexual coercions, physical, verbal and sexual abuse caused me to lack self-love and self-worth. What appeared to be my demise only lead to an identity crisis that included more lies, betrayal and deceit, secrecy, sexual deviation and more abuse. I was emotionally unstable and destined to be mistreated and abused. I fed the “Seed of Betrayal” and lived as a bisexual woman being loose and living precariously. My lack of faith in self led to more depression, attempted suicide and the birth of this book. Rock bottom again, only this time I had no one to blame but myself. The choices I made may have stemmed from 20 years ago, but I willingly made them. If you read Perfectly Planned, pick up right where you left off and be taken into a world of self-betrayal that only I would live and tell. Without any shame and embarrassment, I share my life again in an attempt to raise awareness, provide hope and courage, liberate others and in essence become the victorious leader I am today. 
Overcoming Toxic Relationships

Paperback & E-book

Mental MakeOver
Creating a Positive Mindset

Prepare yourself for a Mental Makeover with some of my most fascinating and detailed quotes on Life, Forgiveness, Abuse, Self-Reflection, Love, Inspiration, Motivation and Business. Your experiences are directly related to your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, that which is all energy. Each page contains insight that will empower and encourage you to create and live your life to the fullest. Start each day with an influential dose of understanding and inspiration as you are empowered to take action, boost your self-esteem and confidence, release fears, create success, claim your inner strength, and make your dreams and aspirations come true. Use your time with the intent to improve yourself by my writings so that you will gain easily what I have worked hard for. This is a win-win Makeover.
Mental Make Over

Paperback & E-book

It's All About Life
Book of Poems.  EBOOK ONLY

These deceiving simple lines from this collection of poems represent Kelley at her most expressive self. The language is cut and dry, yet profound and filled with a wider significance. Drawing upon everyday incidents, common situations, unspeakable experiences as well as her own, Kelley fashioned poetry of great intensity and powerful symbolism. Included are many moving and expressive poems: Revolving Door, Journey With An “I” Not “EY,” Player 2 Payer, Woman of Power, Blinded by Beauty, Will To Live, Hidden Emotions, Black President, Independent Woman, Big Cock, and a Pretty Face, Locked From Within, Open Heart Surgery and many more. Within this Book of Poetry, Kelley continues to heal the hearts of the wounded and elevate minds.  
It's All About Life

E-book only

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1. Detox or DIEt 
2. Perfectly Planned
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4. Overcoming Toxic Relationships
5. Mental MakeOver
6. It's All About Life (e-book)
7. Building a Better Me