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My favorite wine were Sauvignon Cabernet or Merlot and my favorite alcohol were Jameson Irish Whiskey with Ginger Ale.

I divorced alcohol and wine. We no longer have a relationship. Here I thought it would be difficult to do. I thought I was addicted to alcohol and if I listened to other people, I would have taken on their opinion or experience. I was out having a cigar last night and everybody in there had a fifth of my once favorite drink, Jameson Irish Whiskey. You would have thought it was a conspiracy against me or a test. I had no desire to drink, although my ego, was like, “gone and have a drink” and I kindly told my ego to kiss my ass, seriously as it was an internal conversation. I moved on and drank my chamomile and cinnamon tea. 

While sitting amongst all those who drank, all I could think about was when I went to sleep after a night of drinking wine or Irish Whiskey; my heart beat so fast and hard, I thought I was going to die. It was very scary, but even after experiencing that more than often on weekends, I continued to drink. I proceeded to destroy my body. My mindset shifted after my healing crisis and menopause.

If you are aware of the severe health crisis I experienced two years ago, you would have an idea of why I divorced alcohol and wine. In short, I suffered from symptoms such as hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, alopecia, polyps, diverticulitis. Early stage heart disease and obesity and all from an overgrowth of candida yeast, sugar, processed foods, GMO’s and lack of exercise. After healing my body, I went right back to drinking wine and eventually the wine led to alcohol.  I was very disappointed with myself as I vowed to stay away from hard liquor as it is nothing but poison. That is not to say; wine is any better as too much wine would put me on my ass. 

On the weekends and sometimes during the week, I drank as I socialized and had cigars and I was so not happy with myself. I desired a sober body as I never asked for alcohol. It does not matter what I signed up for, but no one comes out of the wound asking to slowly kill themselves. I wanted freedom from all the bondage, indoctrination and unhealthy habits I was introduced to as a child. 

I talked to my husband and asked him to support me during the first 30 days and not drink when we were out. He agreed. My last drink was on Thanksgiving 2018, until, December 6th, when my sister-friend learned her daughter died. I had my tea, but of course my friend insisted on me having one sip with her to celebrate her daughter’s life. It felt like adult peer pressure (lol). That one drink led to two more drinks and when I went to sleep my heart pounded through my chest. I felt sad, guilty and disappointed all at the same time. But, that was a great lesson. What I learned was, one glass of wine leads to two glasses and eventually some alcohol even if it’s weeks down the roas. I am so not interested in that lifestyle anymore. 

So far, I have gone three weekends without one drink and that matters because I was a weekend drinker. I looked forward to having a cocktail and cigar on the weekend. I know you might say, the cigar is no better. Well, I chose the cigar, the alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana was introduced to me as a child.

I look forward to this upcoming weekend as I maintain sobriety. It feels good to go out on the weekend and feel the same way or better as I did when I awake after laying down; no hangovers, no brain fog, and no feeling guilty for poisoning my body

I started regularly drinking when I was about 21years young as I partied every weekend. I won’t lie, I had some fantastic times. But, after 25 years or drinking, my body no longer tolerates any alcohol as it did before. What’s more, being in menopause is a crisis in itself for my body. I have what I call menopausal ass and thighs. After I released 46 pounds during my healing crisis, I wondered why the weight packed on so quickly, so I did more research on menopause and purchased an exercise program and meal plan from a doctor who focuses on women in menopause.  What I learned was astounding and guess what, the liquor did not help as it prevents the liver from burning fat like it would in its absence. Since I have stopped drinking, and using my, and eating program, I feel a difference in my overall being. Of course menopause can just go jump, but for the most part, the excess ass, thighs, and belly are releasing. 

Alcohol has been my way of life all my adult life. It was how I celebrated with friends, attended social gatherings; holidays, funerals, summertime in the Chi, dinner parties and any other gathering I attended; there was always alcohol. I became conditioned to living with alcohol and now I am conditioning myself to live without it. I won’t lie, I sure do miss Jameson, but today, I love my body and it deserves better. The anxiety was real as I imagined how difficult it would be to live without alcohol. My relationship with alcohol was a cool one, but overall, unhealthy as it does the body no good. 

Today, I release all those things that no longer serve me a purpose and especially those things I did not ask for. So long Jame, Caber and Merlot. It has been a great journey, but at 47 years young, I must live the next 47, not just living but living healthily. Until we meet again, I will have a cabinet full of herbal teas prepared to substitute for you. 

Well, this is my journey and it’s been a pleasure sharing with you. Thank you for reading. Please comment below and share with your drinking buddies. (-:

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Personal Power (Solar Plexus, 3rd) Chakra

We talk about being “in our emotions” quite often, but what if your feelings are directly related to your overall health. I define emotional freedom as liberating yourself from negative emotions via forgiveness. In this space, one can create the most significant experiences. However, if one doesn’t understand how the Personal Power chakra is directly related to emotional and physical health, overall disaster occurs. Some people call it the Solar Plexus as it directly relates to the Sun’s energy and is our own little fireplace.


Chakras are energetic vortexes within the human spiritual body that attracts and emits energy. Chakras are the primary source of your life force, and their well-being is vital to your holistic health (Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual). We have seven within us as they also govern the health of a specific organ. The Solar Plexus chakra controls the digestive system and its ability to digest nutrition. It is also our willpower and regulates our ability to achieve greatness and mentally understand our deepest emotions.  An inactivated Personal Power chakra results in some of the dis-eases I experienced and discussed in my most recent book, Detox or DIEt. The Solar Plexus chakra is located slightly above the navel and speaks to self-esteem, security and is the core of our personality and ego. The Solar Plexus chakra is about loving, nurturing, accepting self and understanding that inner voice that guides us. Self-acceptance and how we feel about ourselves determines what we will experience in life, relationships, business and so much more. A balanced Solar Plexus chakra presents itself in one who is confident, self-motivated and “on fire.” 

Emotional Freedom

Many people lack emotional freedom as most want to blame others for their emotions. No one wants to be responsible for their unhealthy feelings. You have to be responsible for your feelings as you have to learn to acknowledge, respect and release them. We must be willing to forgive self, others and learn from our pain. 

Closed Solar Plexus Chakra (Personal Power)
Never satisfied

Low self-esteem and confidence 


Difficulty concentrating 

Inability to make decisions 

Physical Dis-Ease Associated with Closed Personal Power Chakra


Digestive, liver or pancreas disorder 

Clearing, Balancing and Energizing Your Personal Power Chakra.


Eat yellow foods

Wear yellow clothes

Spend time in the sunlight 

Decorate a room with a shade of yellow

Bathe in yellow water 

In essence, your health is your wealth, and more importantly, your thought paradigm initiates the “thing,” your emotions amplify it, and your behaviors create it. Having read this blog and understanding the spiritual aspect of physical diseases, I encourage you to take better care of you. I experienced a long list of physical ailments that initiated in my mind as I had no idea years ago that to be physically healthy you have to be mentally and emotionally healthy. Thank you for reading as I look forward to reading your comments. If you need further assistance, please Click here