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Hi Beautiful, How Are You? 
Have you ever felt like you always overextended yourself for everyone else and put yourself last?
In a world where society teaches women to choose everyone but themselves, today, I choose me. In a world where society teaches women to put themselves last, today, I choose me. In a world where women are taught to take care of everyone else, today, I choose me. In a world where society teaches women to put their spouses, children, family, dog, cat, and everyone else before them, today, I choose me. In a world where women suffer from self-hatred, unworthiness, and low-self esteem, #iCHOOSEme
Why Did I Choose Everybody Before ME?
Unmet emotional needs as a child; necessities such as having a meal, lights, gas, or even dry clothing to wear to school in the wintertime. I spent countless days crying for mom, being neglected, and molested as I'd watch my father leave after each visit. I felt so abandoned and spent three decades of my life seeking to please everyone else so that I would receive love. Does that sound familiar? What a journey, I tell you. Let's not forget, reflecting on my childhood abuse; I am confident that the experience had lots to do with it. Being called stupid, dumb, whore, lost, bitch, and everything else, what else would a child or teenager do? I internalized all of it and made it mine. It did not matter how smart I was in school; I was never going to amount to anything. I was merely a stupid whore blamed for being sexually abused. I mean, if that wasn't enough to make me hate myself, I don't know what was, but that is just a small portion of my story. I'm sure mom and dad did the best they could, but uhm, nope, my needs were not met. I went on for over three decades, putting everybody before me and meeting their needs until I depleted myself. The exciting thing is, we all have everything we need inside but are taught to rely on others for a fill-up. Yep, I did that too.

However, today...
I am full; full of love, compassion, patience, integrity, greatness, perseverance, intellect, knowledge determination, truth, transparency, vulnerability, gifts, abundance, prosperity and so much more. But don't get it twisted, I still enjoy the touch of a man, his compliments, cuddling, holding hands, his deep look into my eyes, rubbing my face and hair, his nurturing side, his stroke, passion, drive, and all.

It wasn't until I authored two books, and got married that I realized I still felt worthless and sought love from others. The discovery was simple. My husband never did anything to "get" me as I gave myself to him, as I did with every other man. However, the fact that he never did anything to "keep me" was my wake-up call. I realized, why would he? Why would he work hard to keep me, when he didn't work hard to get me. Does that make sense? Have you ever just given yourself to a man like you'd give clothes to the salvation army? Whew, that's a tough pill to swallow. That was an "ah-ha" moment for me. The work I did is within my #iCHOOSEme online course and designed to help you not only love and choose yourself but remove those toxic emotions, patterns of thoughts, and behaviors that have "my needs weren't met as a kid" written all over them.

How Does Emotional Neglect Show Up In Adults?
Feeling deeply flawed
Sadness or are depressed
Substance or alcohol abuse
Lack of feeling or emotions
You stagnate and fail to thrive
Low self-confidence and esteem
Shunning emotional closeness or intimacy

Did You Feel That?
Are you ready for transformation? If so, my #iCHOOSEme online course will help you create a positive mindset, remove self-doubt, face your fears and demons, focus on the present moment, and learn how to overcome obstacles. You will also develop the courage to go out and live and stop living in fear, as well as gain clarity on what you want in your life. My #iCHOOSEme online course will help you start doing the things you love and not care about what others think. Lastly, you will gain emotional intelligence, mental clarity, optimal health, and soul healing. The tools within this online course are what taught me to love myself and become a 7-time award-winning author, certified life and wellness coach, and mental health clinician. YES! I can do anything, and you can too.

I Love Myself and #iCHOOSEME
Look at the picture below. That is me JUMPING OUT OF AN AIRPLANE. Are you ready? If so, REGISTER TODAY

I Choose Me Empowerment Course Details
16 weeks (4 months)
4 (hourly) coaching sessions
Weekly Assignments (Via Gmail)
Homework (Videos, Exercises, Literature or Book Resources)
30 Day Detox and Cleanse Plan
Self-Esteem and Confidence Audio Book

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